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Email marketing done right Three steps to success

Design newsletter Send and analyze response Segment audience Three easy steps to create, send and track email campaigns

Lift off with our best-of-breed tools and design professional newsletters that look great. ExpressPigeon is the easiest way to create, send and track email campaigns, period!

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Our customers love us!

Zhu-Song Mei

With ExpressPigeon's sleek and simple UI, it could't be easier to send newsletters to our members. Anyone on our team is able to build a list, craft a letter, and send it all within a matter of minutes. If you have questions, Express Pigeon is personal and prompt. We couldn't be happier.

Zhu-Song Mei,

Founder and CEO / BigMarker.com

Seth Kravitz

So much better than what we used before, I want to cry.

Seth Kravitz,

CEO / Technori

Myles Dannhausen

We've worked with several different email services, but we haven't second-guessed our decision to switch to ExpressPigeon. Not only is the interface simple to use and understand, but the built-in tools make it easy to measure the effectiveness of your campaign in minutes.

On top of that, the customer support is incredible. When we've run into glitches we've received an immediate, helpful response focused on solutions. That's an approach we love.

Myles Dannhausen,

Content Strategist / Lightspan Digital.

Nick Golemis

We have tried MailChimp, ConstantContact and must say that the level of service at ExpressPigeon far exceeds any of those. With a really easy user interface to alter and create messages, we were up and running within an hour, sending out our first blast.

We have seen, with their consulting, our open rate go from 5% to 30%! That is where service like this makes all the difference.

Nick Golemis,

Marketing Director / THMotorsports Inc.

Mitch Schneider

With a strong need to communicate with our supporters, volunteers, and most especially our customers, who are either looking for jobs or employees, we tested out several email marketing programs. Afterwards we decided to use ExpressPigeon because of their clean graphics, easy to use system, and unique valued added features such as the ability to easily re-size columns, so we could provide a clean and well branded message.

Mitch Schneider,

Founder and CEO / Kauzu Incorporated

Monty Dale Meyer

Since switching to ExpressPigeon my experience has been easier and more user friendly.

The format is so easy to learn. The Support Team is incredibly helpful and gets back to their customers faster than I have ever seen in the past with other providers.

Thank you so much ExpressPigeon. You guys rock!

Monty Dale Meyer,

Executive Producer / KHLT Recovery Broadcasting

Tuan Pham-Barnes

The API integration with your template builder is great. It removes the need for the developer to touch any kind of design and allows the designer to produce them separately, which is one of the most attractive aspects of your service. By far, your service is the easiest to integrate with and has the best online editor. Thanks for you support on HTML injection. This will allow us to create almost any kind of email possible.

Tuan Pham-Barnes,

HighGround Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

Lyndon Miller

Express Pigeon made it quick and easy to create a very modern, professional looking newsletter. They were very timely with their email responses and worked extensively with me to create a plan tailored specifically to the organization's needs.

Lyndon Miller,

IPFW Career Services / Employer Services

Michael D Hall

I've been using ExpressPigeon for managing emailing lists since it was still in beta. Having used most of the other major emailing services ExpressPigeon beats them hands down for ease of use, flexibility in the designer, forgiveness of mistakes (unlimited undo/redo is incredibly useful) and an intuitive design interface that makes sense even though I'm not a designer. In short EP makes creating and managing clean and professional email campaigns very simple.

Michael D Hall,


What do you get when you use ExpressPigeon?

You can design beautiful branded emails that represent your business.

Free live email templates

Template #1
Template #2
Template #3
Template #4
Template #5
Template #6
Template #7
Template #8
Template #9
Our email marketing newsletter templates are dynamic! Unlike many other services, with us a newsletter template is only a starting point. You can pick a template that fits your needs, but then you can completely customize it to fit your brand identity, your custom content. Nothing is safe, you can change colors, fonts, borders, delete section blocks, add new ones, drag them into different positions.
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Feel creative?
Design your own newsletter

The centerpeice of our email marketing service is the Email Newsletter Composer, you know, the email editor. After a few minutes of using it, you will be writing email newsletters as if HTML and CSS never existed!

Stop thinking about HTML/CSS, start marketing!

Ever felt in a straight jacket of another email editor? Most email editors force you to pick a template and stick with it, forcing you to fit the square peg of your content into a round hole of their template! Get complete creative freedom with our composer, mold your template any way you like!

Email Newsletter Composer

iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Samsung Galaxy S3, Android, iOS

Your newsletter will look great with all providers and devices

Ever spent hours or even days designing a newsletter only to find out it is broken on some old version of Outlook or Gmail? It can happen to anyone, except our customers!

Simply focus on task at hand: EMAIL MARKETING. We will ensure that your newsletter looks awesome in all email programs.

We support all these providers and devices and more.

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Track your email campaigns down
to the last detail

What good is email marketing service without reporting?

We provide all possible reporting that is afforded by current technology. All reports we provide can be drilled down to a specific audience member if desired. We provide comprehensive analytics so that you could get an insight into your audience.

Comprehensive analytics and email campaigns tracking

Segment your audience based on

Email marketing service is all about segmentation and retargeting. We give you the power to easily import your audience and segment it based on engagement levels. Send targeted campaigns to people who clicked specific links!

Segment your audience based on engagement Clicked link A Clicked link B

Inquire today to start a conversation!
Igor Polevoy, CEO
Igor Polevoy, CEO

Express Pigeon's pledge to Email Marketing

Here at Express Pigeon, we strive to reinvent email marketing service by providing state-of-the-art newsletter creation tools and first-class email campaign reporting. But reinvention is not just about creating a new email marketing tool, we feel it is also continuously building upon our core email service based on generated feedback from you, our valued customer.

We are here to listen to you.

From our designer email campaign templates to our email marketing blog tips and our simple drag-and-drop email newsletter creation tools, we strive to build our service based on experience, so you can find a consistent, simplified workflow that saves time, money and achieves the highest possible results with the least possible frustration. Our email marketing tools are intuitive and easy to use, but should you have any questions, we are there for you.

An email marketing service for the next generation of targeted marketing.

To learn how you can get started with our email marketing program, simply register for a free account and join without using a credit card. Yes, our email marketing software is free. See for yourself just how easy it is to design, create and send targeted mass email campaigns.