About Us

For today's savvy marketing and technology professionals who increasingly rely on email to engage customers, our platform presents an innovative email marketing system which delivers a high degree of personalization and customization for your target audience. We make it easy to create, send and track professional emails which look great across all providers and devices with unwavering customer support.

Our system is ideally positioned for small to medium-sized enterprises seeking concierge-style support for sending marketing as well as transactional emails.

Our unique transactional email service employs the same powerful template design tools, allowing our customers to integrate at lightning-fast speed and save valuable time and money in email design and maintenance.

We are an extension of your marketing and IT departments — we don't just deliver email and save time, we solve complex email problems for our customers.

Management Team

  • Igor Polevoy
    Founder and CEO

    Igor is a veteran software developer specializing in architecture of large enterprise systems. Before founding ExpressPigeon, Igor was a Lead Software Engineer at Groupon responsible for architecting the back-end taxonomy service, which is the heart of Groupon's personalization platform. Before Groupon, Igor built and lead the team that engineered Humana's first health wellness program based on custom implemented recommendation engine. He also worked at Sears, running a team of 30 engineers responsible for development of one of Sears' largest websites.

    Igor is an author of and a main contributor to a popular OSS project JavaLite.

    Igor had a decade-long career teaching computer science at DePaul University in Chicago. He holds two masters degrees, one in electrical engineering and one in computer science. Igor enjoys dogging traffic as he bikes to work everyday. When not with a laptop, he likes flying small planes, photography and sailing.

  • Todd O'Hara

    Todd O'Hara is the Vice President at ExpressPigeion focusing on business development and operations. Previously, Todd Founded Toodalu, a mobile payments and loyalty technology company which was Acquired by Spring in 2013. A technology enthusiast, Todd is an active angel investor and advisor to early stage entrepreneurs. He began his career as an algorithmic derivatives trader at Marquette Partners and at the age of 25 became the youngest partner in the firms' 25-year history.

    Todd is a founding member of Global Act, a member of the Junior Board for Habitat for Humanity, an active member and spokesperson for FWD.us, and gives regular office hours at Chicago's 1871 Digital Startup Hub. He studied Economics and Mathematics at Colby College.

  • Omar Ali
    Executive Director

    Omar Ali is Executive Director at ExpressPigion. He has over 15-years' experience in private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurial endeavors in Europe, the Middle East and the US. Prior to Vertis, Omar founded Incrementum Capital Partners where he focused primarily on investing in or providing advice to early stage companies operating in the software & services, ecommerce & retail and financial technology industries. Omar is or has been a board member of Wave Shipping (sold to Supreme Group), Stampfeet, Inchcape Shipping Services and SpiceJet (sold to Sun Group).

    Previously, Omar was a private equity professional at Istithmar and EMP Global, and an investment banker at Rothschild. He received an MBA from Bocconi University and a bachelor's degree in Finance from George Mason University.

  • Stas Sidorov

    As the CTO of ExpressPigeon Stas is responsible for developing the overall technology vision for the company. As a 10 year software engineering veteran, he currently leads the engineering team and is involved in all aspects of development processes and practices. Before ExpressPigeon Stas and Igor worked closely designing and implementing large scale systems for Sears, Humana and Discovery Health. Stas is an voracious reader and a hi-fi audio enthusiast.

  • Gleb Galkin
    Director of Engineering

    Gleb is the lead engineer at ExpressPigeon responsible for overseeing the front-end UI/UX design implementation. He is a developer-polyglot practicing in Java, Ruby, Python, UX and many other technologies. Before joining ExpressPigeon, Gleb worked at JBoss and Steely Eye Digital Media agency. When he's not behind his computer he can be found playing with his daughter, biking and outside working on landscape design.

  • Eugene Shvab
    Director of QA and Email Deliverabiliy

    Eugene is in charge of making sure emails get delivered. As ExpressPigions quality assurance and deliverability director, he is in-charge of the entire software development process, which includes processes such as requirements definition, software design, software configuration management, testing, release management, and product integration. Previously, Eugene spent years as the QA manager at Burstly, the parent company of mobile app testing platform TestFlight, until they were acquired by Apple in 2014.

  • Sergey Dovnar
    Director of Operations

    Sergey is a server hardware and infrastructure specialist, responsible for architecting, managing and maintaining ExpressPigion's email processing infrastructure. He is also responsible for monitoring threats from outside, making sure our system is up to date with the latest software updates. He is the reason for our high uptime and reliability. Previously Sergey worked at telecommunications firm Velcom, building massive computer infrastructures responsible for supporting SMS/GSM services for telecommunication networks. He was also responsible for security and infrastructure for Yandex, (the Russian Google).

    In his free time Sergey enjoys his family and photography.

  • Tanya Yaroshevich
    Compatibility Manager/UX Expert

    In the world of email, if your not compatible, you're in trouble! Tanya is an experienced front-end developer and UI/UX expert responsible for all aspects of ExpressPigeon advanced user interface and most importantly she is responsible for email compatibility across different platforms and devices. She has also worked on major online digital projects for CNBC and Madison Square Garden.

    Tanya is a passionate cook and loves interior design.