About us

Personalized email has become an essential tool of customer engagement. Previously, creating and sending well designed email campaigns required a massive amount of time and effort, and yet often ended up having compatibility issues. We set out to make a platform specifically for medium-sized businesses to take back control of their email campaigns without a massive price tag.

Our founder has assisted large corporations in developing systems to streamline their messages, and that is where the idea for ExpressPigeon originated. We are here to bring enterprise and customized capabilities to smaller companies so that they could focus on their business rather than dealing with technology.

We are an extension of your marketing and IT departments — we don't just deliver email and save time, we solve complex email problems for our customers.

In 2018 ExpressPigeon was acquired by IMImobile, PLC., a leading communications software provider. As part of the IMImobile family of companies, we are now able to offer a broad range of solutions that enable businesses to automate digital customer communications across 10+ channels including SMS, RCS, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more. You can learn more here.

  • Igor Polevoy Founder and CEO

    Igor has been specializing in architecture of large systems. Before founding ExpressPigeon, Igor has built large systems for Sears, Humana, Groupon and other well known companies.

    Igor is an author of and a main contributor to a popular OSS project JavaLite.

    Igor had a decade-long career teaching computer science at DePaul University in Chicago. He holds two masters degrees, one in electrical engineering and one in computer science. Igor enjoys dodging traffic as he bikes to work everyday. When not with a laptop, he likes flying small planes, photography and sailing.

  • Alex Saluk CTO

    As a CTO, Alex is the driving force of our development team. Alex drives technology and architecture decisions across all ExpressPigeon systems to ensure that product development is consistent with our overall strategy. Before joining ExpressPigeon Alex was instrumental at Sberbank-Technology and Artezio on a few large scale projects.

    Besides building software, Alex has a keen interest in amateur photography and learning foreign languages.

  • Eugene Shvab Product Manager

    Eugene is the driving force of product definition and development at the company. He is involved into every phase of the processes such as requirements definition, UI design, testing, release management, and product integration.

    In previous life, Eugene accumulated years of experience as the QA manager at Burstly, the parent company of a mobile app testing platform TestFlight until they were acquired by Apple.

  • Sergey Dovnar Director of Operations

    Sergey is a server hardware and infrastructure specialist, responsible for architecting, managing and maintaining ExpressPigion's email processing infrastructure. He is also responsible for monitoring threats from outside, ensuring our customers' data is secure from hackers. He is the reason for our high uptime and reliability.

    Previously Sergey worked at telecommunications firm Velcom, building massive infrastructures for supporting SMS/GSM services for telecommunication networks. He was also helped build the infrastructure for Yandex, (the Russian Google). In his free time Sergey enjoys his family and photography.

  • Elena Titkova Director of UI/UX and Email Compatibility

    With MS in Mathematics from BSU and her natural design prowess, Elena applies her analytical skills to ensure our applications are easy to use and our system generates messages compatible across a wide range of devices.

    Elena loves healthy lifestyle and takes part in a variety if activities, ranging from sport/yoga to music and photography.