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time management strategies

6 Time Management Strategies to Boost Productivity

Want to know the best time management strategies to boost productivity? Well, you have chosen the right article to read.  Increased productivity matters a lot to business owners and managers. We all have many personal issues that can affect us...

emoji email marketing

Delight customers with emojis in subject lines

If you look around in any public room, you’ll see people glued to smartphones, all the faces tilted town towards phone screens, eyes scanning. Likely, catching up, quickly scanning Facebook, memes, news, sound bites, or their emails. With limited...

what is transactional email

What is transactional email?

Transactional email is automated email that is triggered by a service application, not an email marketing tool. Anything can be the trigger that prompts the sending: interactions, date of renewals, changes or updates in preference. Transactional...

email list growth

101 Ways To Grow Your Email List Today

Imagine you can reach thousands of potential customers that are interested in you at the click of a button. At one point that was considered a miracle. But once you learn to build an opt-in email list, this will be your reality. Every business needs...

dont buy email lists

11 Reasons To Never Purchase An Email List

Email marketing is essential to a successful online marketing strategy. In fact, email marketing has an ROI of over 3800%. Unfortunately, it’s easy for new marketers to make a deadly mistake that can crush their email marketing program...

teaser in email

Increase email open rates with a teaser

One of the most important email marketing best practices is to write a good subject line. After all, your subscribers have a short attention span and will spend no more than 2 seconds to decide if they want to open your email or send it to the trash...

double opt in

What is Double Opt-In and should you care?

If you have kids, you’ve probably told them several times: think before you speak. The idea is simple and it’s a basic principle of communicating with other people – before you say something, try to imagine how your words will...


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