Dec 21 2011

Email phishing attack and Composer protection

A few years ago  the world of email has been swamped by the so-called phishing attacks.  Most of these were using a simple technique of placing an HTML anchor text that led a reader believe that the link would take them to a legitimate site, while the href value of the anchor pointed to the attacker's website. Here is an example:

<a href=&apos;;></a>

While this displays an innocuous link:

it in fact points to a potential attacker's website.

The ExpressPigeon platform has a built-in mechanism for tracking clicks originating from emails. This is implemented by replacing the href values in the emails with values which point to part of our site responsible for tracking. For example, if you add this link:
<a href=&apos;;>Your Site Description</a> We then replace it with this:

<a href=&apos;;>Your Site Description</a>

When a person clicks this email, we capture the click and then forward it to your original location:

.However, if you provide a link where the text of the link is a URL, this  will present a problem. Lets say your link looks like this:

<a href=&apos;;></a>

After we sent it to your recipients, it will have an href attribute replaced:

<a href=&apos;;></a>

This will look exactly like a phishing attack, and your ISP and potentially emal client will flag this email as dangerous, and the you as spammer and hacker.

In order to avoid this, the ExpressPigeon editor does not allow to create links with URL values as text. In other words, when you try to add a new link to your email and then the text of your link is a URL, composer displays this message:
“Selected text can't be used in link. Please use descriptive text instead of plain link.”

If you think of it, it makes a whole a lot of sense, even for end users. Why display URLs as link text instead of human-friendly text? By requiring marketeers to provide friendlier links, we allow them to avoid being flagged as a hacker on the one hand, while seamlessly adding an important feature on the other!

Posted By Igor Polevoy