Aug 21 2012

Creating A Customized Opt-in Form: 5 Easy Steps

Before a web form's opt-in rate can soar, your company must offer exciting content that keeps visitors coming back. You want to make your customers want to interact with you. Give them a reason to by creating useful content. This type of content can solve a customer's problem, give them tips or in any way improve their lives. This will entice them to click on your customized opt-in form on your website to automatically receive your newsletters.

Writing engaging content is 10 times more challenging than creating a web form through the uncomplicated Express Pigeon email marketing software . We want your message to be heard, so we make it easy to spread the word. Now you get to writing, while we get to coding!

5 Steps to Organically Grow your Newsletter Recipients

Use the Express Pigeon web form builder to create an opt-in button for your website. Visitors to your site can easily sign-up for your newsletter after filling out a simple form. Here's five simple steps to create a web form at no extra cost to you when you choose to do email marketing with Express Pigeon.

Web forms

Web forms

​1) Click on the "Subscriptions" tab at the top right hand corner, then click on the "Create a new subscription" button.

ExpressPigeon — Web forms - Demo Form ​ 2) Fill in the "General" tab information

Subscription Name: For internal use only. Fill this in to distinguish your web forms from each other.

ExpressPigeon — Web forms - Demo Form-1

ExpressPigeon — Web forms - Demo Form-1

​3) Decide upon the fields in your subscription form

Place a checkmark on the left next to each field you want displayed in the form. Place a checkmark next to "Required" for each piece of information that you want to collect from each subscriber. This means the subscriber must fill these fields out in order to receive your newsletters. With Express Pigeon you can collect the following details:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone
  • Company
ExpressPigeon — Web forms - Demo Form-2

ExpressPigeon — Web forms - Demo Form-2

​4) End their registration with a "Big Thank You" by filling out the "After Submit" tab

Under the Form Submit Feedback Page, make sure to fill in the message area with a "Big Thanks." Then give them further instructions on what their next step is, like checking their email for further information. When they open their email, they will have a double opt-in email to make sure they want to subscribe to your company's newsletter. After they confirm the subscription, we'd like to say, "Congrats on a brand new potential customer!"

ExpressPigeon — Web forms - Demo Form-3

ExpressPigeon — Web forms - Demo Form-3

​5) Last but not least, the "Confirmation" tab

After your customer clicks the confirmation link in your email they will be redirected to the information you provide on this tab. Choose between having them redirected to a display page or a URL. Give the confirmation page a title, and then add an additional note of thanks and a confirmation that they have been added to the newsletter list.

For all of these steps you can click "View Online" in the right hand corner, copy this URL and place it on your website in the content. When your customers click this link they will be redirected to our website where this form will be hosted. Or you can choose to click the "Generate HTML" button to get the technical nitty-gritty code in a flash. Copy and paste this code onto your website because at Express Pigeon we believe in the uncomplicated.

Posted By Ashley Hirt