Aug 29 2012

Free Email Newsletter Templates

Here at Express Pigeon Email Marketing Service, we want to make you look awesome! That is why we hired a professional designer to create a ton of elegant email newsletter templates that are free to all Express Pigeon customers.

If you're looking to create a holiday newsletter, promote a new product launch or just following up with your clients, we have got you covered.  Best of all, each and every one of our designer templates are super flexible so anyone can make it their own in just a couple clicks. It is really that easy, I guarantee

Speaking of easy, if you don't like the column width, simply adjust them by dragging to your desired width.

Here's how to start an with an one of our templates:

​1. Login to your Express Pigeon account.  Don't have one? Sign up for Free!

​2. Select Newsletters.

​3. Click on the button "Pick one from gallery".

Now all you need to do is make your change, add your news and prepare to send!  How cool is that.

Posted By Scott Winterroth