Oct 01 2013

Go wild making buttons in your email campaigns

Recently, a customer complained that her campaign did not generate any clicks, while the open rate was healthy. After examining her newsletter, we were surprised to the fact that there was not a single link included the campaign!

If you want clicks, you have to have links in your newsletter. :)

A Call to Action (CTA is the most important part of email marketing, and often people use images, simple Internet links (anchors) and buttons (images that look like buttons). We have a number of buttons in our gallery:

However, there are a couple of disadvantages to this approach. First, we have to spend time making these. Second, they are implemented as images, which means that people who disable images in their email will not see our buttons.

This is why we created a Button Maker, and included it into our email editor.

Our Button Maker makes it fast and easy to create professional-looking buttons for your email newsletter without a tool like Photoshop. Making a Call to Action button is only a few clicks away.

Bring your content section into edit mode and click on Widgets tab

Design & customize your button

Customize the look and feel of your button to match your newsletter's aesthetics by selecting your button color, corners radius, font type, text size, and text color. Notice that as you add and remove button text, your button automatically changes size. When you're ready to insert your button, click "Save" and your button appears in the selected section location.

Make final edits

Make final button text edits directly in the section editor and click the "Save" icon in the upper-left corner. You've now successfully developed a professional looking, 100% compatible call-to-action for your audience! :)

When creating a new button, customizations from the original button are automatically saved with your newsletter, making it easy to duplicate buttons and maintain design consistency.

Here is a complete video tutorial:

Let us know how you're using the Button Maker to improve your newsletters!

Happy marketing! :)

Posted By Igor Polevoy