Nov 19 2013

Add An Email Subscription Form To Wordpress In Minutes

Here at ExpressPigeon, we are constantly searching for ways to improve your email subscription process. We understand that adding a subscription form to a WordPresss blog or site can be a pain, so we designed a plugin especially for you; The ExpressPigeon Subscription Form WordPresss Plugin. This plugin allows you to easily add an ExpressPigeon subscription form as a widget to your WordPresss site in a few minutes:

  1. Build your subscription form on ExpressPigeon. Navigate to the "subscription" tab on the main menu and build away. Click here for a detailed walk-through.

  2. Install the ExpressPigeon Subscription Form WordPresss Plugin. Navigate to "Plugins" and search for "ExpressPigeon". Select the latest version found. Install & activate the plugin.

  3. Add ExpressPigeon widget to your sidebar. Navigate to the Widgets page: Appearance Widgets. You should see a widget called "ExpressPigeon Subscription Form". Simply drag this widget to the "Main Sidebar" or preferred location.

  4. Configure GUID code. Log in to your ExpressPigeon account, navigate to "Subscriptions" in the main menu, and select the subscription form you want to feature on your site. Click the button "View online" and copy the code from the URL. Paste this code into the "ExpressPigeon Subscription Form" widgetCopy the GUID code from the the URL.

  5. Paste the GUID code into the widget:

  1. Save and customize. Once you've entered your GUID code, click "Save" and you're ready to collect emails! You can easily adjust height and width to fit the size of your WordPresss sidebar as necessary. This process connects your Wordress blog or site with your ExpressPigeon Subscription Form and your ExpressPigeon email list.

BAM! Now users can easily sign up for your newsletter:

Don't forget to build custom newsletters for your confirmation email and welcome email to ensure that your new subscribers stay hooked for future emails. Happy marketing! :)

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Posted By Paul Jorgensen