Mar 03 2014

How important is "Reply to" address and how do I configure it?

Why am I getting my campaign from ExpressPigeon, and not from me?

Customers sometimes ask:

Why is the "Reply To" address, and not the one I configured, and how to change it?

The answer is simple: Only the customer sees it that way. All actual subscribers see campaign emails as coming from the customer. We do it to avoid one of many spam filters ISPs put in to fight against spam. It used to be a typical technique for spammers to send you an email and pretend it is coming from you. In other words, if the "From" and "To" addresses are the same, then there is a higher risk to find that email in the spam folder. However, our customers usually like to add their addresses to campaign lists to see that our system is performing as expected (especially in cases of scheduled campaigns). In order to avoid spam filters, in this case, we substitute the "From" email to only for our customers. In other words, only the customer who sends an email will receive a copy from us, everyone else will get it from configured address. A general recommendation for "From" and "Reply To" is to keep them human and not fall into a "noreply" wormhole. People are more likely to open an email from a human rather that some faceless corporation.

How to configure From and Reply To

Our email marketing platform allows you to configure the From and Reply To addresses per list, and also allows to override that when you actually send. Each list has properties tab, where you can configure:

When you are sending to such a list, we will grab "From" and "Reply to" from its configuration. However, you can still change it at the last moment on a campaign send page:

Happy emailin' :)

Posted By Igor Polevoy