Mar 19 2014

7 Ways To Integrate Social Media & Email Marketing

The social media vs. email marketing discussion continues. But not here. Don&apost get me wrong, I uncovered mind shattering email marketing statistics that show email marketing is a better ROI than social media. But social media and email play better together than they do apart. You can run an effective social media or email campaign without integration. But what happens if you combine your efforts? The truth is, you won't know until you try. Let's jump right in so you can see for yourself...

Tactic #1: Add social media icons to emails.

Adding social media icons to emails is a simple way to encourage subscribers to connect with you on social media. A subscriber who becomes a fan or follower will have more exposure to your brand and a better chance to receive your message and take action. With ExpressPigeon, you can easily add social media icons to emails. In the editor, click "Add Image" and you will find plenty of icons in the "Social" category. Once you&aposve selected an icon, you can click on it within the editing window and link it to your social channel URL. If you don&apost see an icon you like in the gallery, you can easily upload your own images. Give it a try here.

Tactic #2: Email subscribers about your social media accounts.

You can email subscribers to encourage them to connect with you on a specific social media channel. Keep emails channel-specific to maintain a clear call-to-action. Think about what you offer via your social channel that you don't via email. One of the best ways to encourage connection is to include some of your most popular posts from the past week or so. For example, Cool Mom Tech sends weekly emails with their 5 favorite pins: This is a great way to encourage social sharing and build your social media following. Remember - subscribers gave you permission to email them and social media is a less personal commitment. It's usually worth the ask.

Tactic #3: Ask subscribers to share your emails & content.

Subscribers don't necessarily know what action you want them to take. Be direct and ask them to share your email or content within your email via a specific social media channel. If your email is valuable to subscribers, they will be proud to share it. But how do you add social share buttons or links to emails? It's easy to add a "Forward To A Friend" link with ExpressPigeon but adding social sharing links can be more difficult. One of the easiest ways to do it is by adding a Tweet link using Click to Tweet. See how Jeff Goins does it here:

You can also add sharing links for specific content within your email. For example, I wrote an article on 33 email marketing statistics earlier this year. Within an ExpressPigeon email, I can add statistics with Tweet links like these:

  • Email marketing ROI = 4,300%. tweet this
  • Companies view email marketing as a better return on investment than content marketing & social media. tweet this
  • Email marketing responsibilities usually fall on one person as a part of a wider range of marketing responsibilities. tweet this

With the ExpressPigeon Button Maker Widget, I can transform a statistic from above into a beautiful call-to-action in the heart of my email:

Let's look at another great example from Content Marketing Institute. They explicitly ask people to share a piece of content within their emails:

If your audience shares your content as desired, their social media connections may visit your site. And with a few opt-in tricks in place, new visitors can become long-term email subscribers. Whether you're encouraging subscribers to share your full email or content within it, the more they share, the better chance you have of building your email audience.

Tactic #4: Promote your latest email on social media.

You can promote your emails on social media like you would any other valuable content. To find your email URL, you can open your latest email and click on "View Online" in the upper-right corner:

Now that you have an email URL, you are ready to identify social channels to share it on. You can do this by thinking about what audiences will get the most value out of this particular email. Create social media posts tailored to each audience. Remember - your LinkedIn followers and Twitter followers may be interested in your email for different reasons. Driving traffic to emails via social media is a great way to increase clicks and attract new subscribers. See email promotion in action by clicking here.

Tactic #5: Promote your email subscription in social media posts.

Encourage social media connections to sign up for your emails. You can do this by creating channel-specific posts that link directly to your subscription form on ExpressPigeon or the subscription page on your website. Here&aposs an example of how we promoted our emails in a recent Tweet:

Thousands of people receive our email marketing tips by email. Join the conversation here: — ExpressPigeon (@ExpressPigeon) March 19, 2014

Remember that how you promote your newsletter will vary depending on channel. Keep the post cohesive with the rest of your posts. Here are a few post ideas you can use to promote your email subscription:

  • We're offering a 25% discount in our next email newsletter. Want it? LINK
  • Want to join our email conversation? Do it here: LINK
  • Want a free book on How To Grow Your Email List? Get it here: LINK
  • We have a special surprise for our email subscribers this week. Sign up to see what it is! LINK
  • Are you missing out on our weekly emails? Join the conversation here: LINK

Tactic #6: Incorporate email into a contest.

Are you running a contest on your website or social media? This can be a great way to build your email list. I know from experience. I worked with a television show that explores travel destinations and designed a Facebook contest to give away free vacations to destinations featured on the show. People entered the contest by providing an email address within a Facebook tab. On the entry page in the tab, people had the option to subscribe to:

  • Emails about the show.
  • Emails about the travel destination.

Just because people enter the contest doesn't mean they want emails. I recommend giving them an option. If entrants don't sign up, you can remind them in a "you didn't win the contest" email... Unless of course they actually won. ;) Here's an example of how Travel Channel is collecting emails for a contest on their website:

If your contest lives on your website like this, social media is vital for promotion. Consider using social advertising, paid posts, and other ways to drive traffic to your contest. No matter what social media contest you run, this is a great way to build your list. How will you continue the conversation?

Tactic #7: Promote valuable website content on social media.

Do you have an active blog or linkable assets like web-tools or ebooks? You should. You can generate dozens of traffic-generating social media posts for every piece of content you create. As long as you have opt-in tricks in place to convert visitors into email subscribers, you can turn that social media traffic into a growing email list. Let's say you just published a new blog post. What can do you do next?

  1. Identify the target audience for the post.
  2. Identify social media channels where this target audience is most active.
  3. Generate a series of social media posts to promote the post, tailored specifically to each social channel and audience. Use a service like Sprout Social to save, schedule, or publish your posts.
  4. Sit back and let your opt-in process transform new visitors into email subscribers.

Remember - This only works if you have an opt-in process in place to effectively convert your website visitors into email subscribers.


It seems that social media and email marketing were meant to be together. You are now ready to fuel your email efforts with social media and your social media efforts with email marketing. What do you think? Do you have any tactics to add to the list? If so, keep the ideas on flow by leaving a comment below! :)