Aug 10 2016

10 Awful Email Subject Lines to Learn From

Crafting an enticing email subject line can be a challenge. The wrong subject line could have your potential audience clicking the "spam" button and sending your carefully worded masterpiece into the "never seen" bucket. If enough people do that, all your outgoing emails could be added to the dreaded ISP blacklist, which significantly impacts your ability to reach out to your audience. Avoiding the following terrible email subject lines should get you headed in the right direction. 



[URGENT] Super Savings All Weekend

The subject line should lead the reader to conclude that the article is urgent, so there shouldn't be a need to point it out clumsily like this. Any time-sensitive sales should include enough information to place them in a schedule by the subject line alone. In this example, the sender should add the date range of the weekend, and the specific amount "super savings" might be. Here's a better way to word it: Savings Up to 80% Off This Weekend Only! 

Our Monthly Newsletter

It's OK to mention that the email contains your monthly newsletter, but this subject line is bland and lifeless. If there's nothing in the newsletter that's worth mentioning in the subject, then the reader may not feel like bothering to open it. 

*** Check Out Our Shiny Gizmo Product Launch :D <3 *****

Throwing in a horde of extra symbols and emojis is a desperate cry for attention that is better suited for phishing attempts by alleged foreign royalty and shady, virus-laden websites. Sparingly use anything that isn't a basic sentence element to maintain the professionalism that will give your emails wider appeal.

Keep Yourself Safe

This could be referring to hackers looking to steal your identity or sleep-deprived CDL drivers on the highway. Be more specific!

We are Seeking Feedback from our Customers: Return this Survey for a Hefty Discount on your Next Trip

Subject lines need to get to the point quickly and should nearly always be more akin to a title than full-blown sentences, like in this example. Also, mentioning a survey can be risky, even with the clear tie-in to a money saving offer.

Special Offer Enclosed for Our Elite Members

Hinting at a must-have deal, invoking loyalty in repeat customers and making non-members feel like they're missing out makes this subject line feel great at a glance, but it needs additional details like what products are being offered.

Grand Opening Tuesday

The ambiguous subject line suggests that the reader should come to a new place without mentioning where it is. 

Don't Use Our Competitor's Shoddy Product

A hit piece on another company's services can be a way to highlight the advantages of yours, but it should be masked better than boldly declaring how awful they are in the subject.

It's Happening Now!

Everything about this subject is awful. You have a vague pronoun for the subject, a passive  verb, and a time indicator that can refer to something that happened yesterday or will happen next week.

Hello from (Company)!

A cordial greeting can seem like the best way to start a message, but save it for the body of the email, not the subject line.

Convert More Customers with Better Subject Lines

Crafting a proper email subject can be a challenge without the experience of marketing professionals in your corner. ExpressPigeon can help craft your email marketing strategies and provide you with the tools to make it easy to use and integral to your overall customer outreach. Visit our website today to learn more about our services! 

Posted By Igor Polevoy