Oct 18 2016

Why No One is Reading Your Emails

Delete … delete … delete. We all do it — delete emails without ever opening them. There's never any guilt involved. That is until we realize the same thing is happening to our own emails. Before launching your next email marketing campaign, be sure that you understand what will grab users' attention (and what won't). You want to strive for a 95 percent open rate. How? By avoiding these common email marketing mistakes.

Boring Subject Lines

It takes two seconds for someone to decide whether to open (and read) an email or not. Two seconds. That's barely enough time for them to read your subject line – so you had better make it memorable.  Boring subject lines are ineffective. Create ones that grab attention, enticing the reader to open it up and find out more.  

Generic Sender Address

Large campaigns require the use of a database, but that doesn't mean that your email can't look as if it's a bit more personal

First, avoid generic sender addresses. People are drawn to people, not robots. If a recipient believes your email is just another techno robo-call they are going to be quick to hit that delete button.

Too Cramped

Emails must be simple, fast and easy to read. Never use more than two columns, and break up text with lists and bullet points.

Sent During Busy Times

Statistics show that the worst days to send emails  is on Mondays and Tuesdays. Starting the work week with a full to-do list creates a sense of urgency to delete any unwanted tasks, including email correspondence. The best open rates are seen on the weekends when people have more time to leisurely read through their inbox.  Of course, that does not mean you can't — or shouldn't — send out emails during the work week. Just be careful to choose days later in the week when recipients have more time to spend on them.


One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in regards to email campaigns is being inconsistent. They send out one or two emails a month and then bam! They hit their database with 10 in one week. This kind of inconsistency will not only frustrate your recipients but could send your message automatically to the wasteland known as the  spam folder.  

Being Too Promotional

Yes, each email is designed to promote your business or service. The problem is, you can't make them look as if that's the goal. Successful emails offer some sort of value to the reader, like quick tips, savings opportunities, etc. The best emails will identify a reader's problems and solve them without being too sales-y.  

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Posted By Igor Polevoy