Apr 14 2017

Introducing Zapier Integration

Is your marketer's head spinning around, trying to shove data from one app to another? While you can integrate with apps APIs you're not really a developer.

You've never heard of Zapier if you've been under a rock for the past few years. If so, Zapier is an Internet connector which allows you to tie your data from various Internet apps. Let's say you have an account with SalesForce and with us. How long will it take you to send a triggered email to a contact on a new opportunity? One option is to hire a developer to do the job, and maybe in a week or two, you'll have your integration. Another, better option, is to use Zapier which will only take a few clicks.

Some examples

Shopify: Say you are running a webstore on Shopify and want to send a triggered message to a customer who has abandoned their shopping cart. Simply connect your Shopify and ExpressPigeon account via Zapier and select a proper trigger. You customer will receive an email reminding them to complete their purchase.

SalesForce: When working with SalesForce you often have to update customer data. Wouldn't it be nice to keep that pesky customer data updated and ready to go in your ExpressPigeon account? Once you connect your SalesForce and your ExpressPigeon accounts via Zapier and select the right trigger and action to update your customer data, it will be left to Zapier's magic to keep your contacts up to date.

The image below shows the three simple steps to connect your SalesForce trigger and an ExpressPigeon action!

Follow to our Integrations page for more information on various Zapier scenarios!

Here's what Zapier has to say about us!.

Posted By Igor Polevoy