Jun 27 2017

Tracking Newsletter Subscriptions in Google Analytics

Tracking new subscriptions is a tried and true, tell tale way to monitor the success of your marketing campaigns. If gauging the efficacy of your marketing spend and knowing which strategies are driving the most new subscribers to your list is important to you, then it’s absolutely important to set up Google Analytics. The process of setting this up is incredibly simple and the best part is that if done correctly you’re also creating a double opt-in process that will improve the quality of new submissions by eliminating SPAM traps.

For starters you’ll need page on your website to thank new subscribers for their submission afterthey opt-in to the list (read how to create a form).

The link to this page should be placed in the confirmation email they receive after their initial submission. Placing the link here ensures that you’re only tracking engaged subscribers that are completing all steps of the double opt-in process.

ExpressPigeon’s web signup process allows you to set this up perfectly without any programming. Let’s start by setting up a double opt-in process:

Once they receive their confirmation email and click to confirm their submission, we’ll need to redirect them to a landing page. This is the page you’ll use to track signups in Google Analytics as shown here:

After you’ve completed this you can run reports in Google Analytics by going to Conversions > Goals > Overview:

This entire process can be completed in just a few short minutes and the ability to track webform submissions in Google Analytics can be invaluable.

As usual, if you have any questions, reach out to us on our Support line.

Posted By Tim Griffith