Jul 21 2017

Chicago Gridscape is the Place to Be

It's really amazing to be one of the many fast growing, globally relevant companies blasting out of the Chicago tech scene. All of us, making our digital footprint on the entire world while leaving our logo on the ever relevant G2 Crowd grid for a world of potential clients to see.

The Grid, which holds all of us to the highest of standards by leaving our reputations in the hands of the very clients we serve, has continued to keep us focused on the needs of our users and their ongoing satisfaction with the products and services we provide.

We cannot possibly convey enough gratitude to our Chicago peers and global clients for their part in placing us so deeply into the "High Performers" quadrant of the new Summer 2017 Chicago Gridscape that G2 Crowd just released.

We will continue to do what it takes to remain among the top contenders in our industry, and look forward to continued feedback from our users to fuel our progression in the grid. Thank you!

Posted By Tim Griffith