Posted by Igor Polevoy on Oct 18 2016

Why No One is Reading Your Emails

Delete … delete … delete. We all do it — delete emails without ever opening them. There’s never any guilt involved. That is until we realize the same thing is happening to our own emails. Before launching your next email marketing campaign, be sure that you understand what will grab users' attention (and what won’t). You want to strive for a 95 percent open rate. How? By avoiding these common email marketing mistakes.

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Posted by Igor Polevoy on Sep 29 2016

How to Make Sure Your Emails Are Getting Through

Once you've decided to integrate email marketing into your overall advertising campaign, you certainly want to get your money's worth. While it's tempting to buy email lists to supplement the list you're generating from your opt-in collection efforts, bear in mind that doing so may blow your deliverability rates all to smithereens, making future campaigns more difficult. Success in delivering email content is no guarantee that your emails will land in your recipients' inbox.

Why? What's the difference between delivery and deliverability and why should you care all that much? 

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Posted by Igor Polevoy on Aug 24 2016

The Email Marketer's Checklist for Perfect Emails

Email marketing, unlike other functions, makes mistakes virtually impossible to hide. When you send an email, any error made is seen by every customer that opens the emails. As email marketers, it is important to follow a checklist that ensures the final draft is free from all errors and that everything you wanted to include is included. The following tips will help to ensure that you are sending an error-free email each and every time.

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Posted by Igor Polevoy on Aug 10 2016

10 Awful Email Subject Lines to Learn From

Crafting an enticing email subject line can be a challenge. The wrong subject line could have your potential audience clicking the "spam" button and sending your carefully worded masterpiece into the "never seen" bucket. If enough people do that, all your outgoing emails could be added to the dreaded ISP blacklist, which significantly impacts your ability to reach out to your audience. Avoiding the following terrible email subject lines should get you headed in the right direction. 

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Posted by Igor Polevoy on Jul 26 2016

The 10 Best Subject Lines to Get Your Emails Opened

The average email user is exposed to hundreds of emails every day. Many users have become very selective about opening emails and are good at sensing when an email is just trying to sell to them.

An email subject line is much like a news headline. Readers scan headlines and subject lines to determine if the rest of the article or email is worth reading. So how can you create subject lines that will capture readers' attention? Take a look at these 10 best subject lines and start implementing them in your email marketing campaigns to get your emails opened.

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Posted by Igor Polevoy on Jul 06 2016

2 Solutions Needed to Reach 3800% ROI on Email Marketing

According to DMA  "Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%" and according to McKinsey, “40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter”. Creating great messages quickly, easily, and device responsive is extremely important in reaching these statistics. So how do you accomplish these results?

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Posted by Igor Polevoy on Jun 21 2016

G2Crowd Awards ExpressPigeon

G2 Crowd Awards ExpressPigeon in Email Marketing: Best of Breed Category ExpressPigeon gets High Performer recognition again by G2 Crowd's 

The Grid℠, which is a proprietary software recommendation engine. This award is given for products that are rated highly by their users but have not yet achieved the market share and scale of the vendors in the Leader category.

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Posted by Igor Polevoy on May 12 2016

Increase Your Email Marketing ROI

For the past two years, we've been talking about the importance of personalization in your marketing techniques.

The question remains, why isn't everyone onboard?

Marketing is always changing and adjusting so it is important to stay informed about the trends. Personalization has become extremely important in marketing. Weather that means making sure you are addressing your prospects by name or customizing your email messages/content to touch each individual person’s needs. There are so many opportunities to personalize your marketing but I think it overwhelms some marketers and that is why not everyone is focusing on it, even after discussing it for over 2 years.

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Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on Jan 06 2015

Marketing Pros Share Their Top Email Subject Lines of 2014

Someone in your audience is probably checking her email as we speak. You only have seconds to grab her attention with an engaging email subject line.

The headlines of email marketing play an important role in whether or not your emails get opened. According to the latest email marketing statistics

Nearly one third of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. tweet this

I'm not discounting the importance of sending email that your audience actually wants. Without great content, your subject line becomes useless.

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Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on Jul 28 2014

16 Ways To Get Your Email Past Spam Filters

Spam filters are often overlooked, undervalued programs working hard to make us happier and more productive. They keep our inboxes clean and we barely ever notice them. But like all things designed by humans, spam filters are not perfect. The reason we love them as subscribers is the same reason we hate them as senders; they are very protective of the inbox. And for all of the good they do, we usually only notice them when they block our email campaigns. It's painful to see our hard work end up in the spam folder. We all want our email to get delivered. To get past spam filters you must first understand what they do.

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