Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on Jun 12 2014

ExpressPigeon President Igor Polevoy Talks Email Marketing on Media Shower

Social media is a hot topic these days but business owners would be crazy to overlook the power of email marketing. With an ROI over 4,000% and the biggest marketers in the game calling it critical to content marketing, email is truly king. ExpressPigeon President Igor Polevoy knows this well. To constantly improve the ExpressPigeon email software and keep us updated on important email issues, Igor lives deep in the mysterious land of email. And lucky for us, he occasionally does interviews. ;) Igor aired his thoughts on Media Shower last week, covering topics...

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Posted by Igor Polevoy on Jun 11 2014

DMARC in Plain English and what it means to Email Marketing

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance and it is yet another technology trick ISPs and ESPs use to ward off SPAM in addition to SPF and DKIM. DMARC is a configuration of a domain record that tells the receiving computer what to do with messages if they are coming from a computer with a different domain compared to the one specified on the "Reply To" field. For instance, at ExpressPigeon we configured our DMARC policies such that ...

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Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on May 18 2014

101 Ways To Seriously Grow Your Email List

Imagine having the ability to reach thousands of people at the click of a button. Once you learn to build an opt-in email list, this will be your reality.

Every single one of your current and future customers has an email address, a direct line into the palm of their hands. Email is one of the most personal and economical ways to stay in touch. In fact, current statistics show that email marketing performs better than social media, PPC, content marketing, offline direct marketing, online display advertising, mobile marketing, and affiliate marketing. So where do you begin?

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Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on May 08 2014

Content Marketing, Email, ESPs & The Future of Marketing with Andy Crestodina

I recently interviewed Andy Crestodina to give you a look inside the mind of a content marketing genius. Andy is co-founder of Orbit Media, author of Content Chemistry, and a contributor to dozens of industry-leading marketing blogs. Below, Andy shares his thoughts on a variety of topics including content marketing, email marketing, ESPs, and the future of marketing. Let's jump right in...

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Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on May 05 2014

7 Overlooked Ways To Jump-Start Your Email List Today

Whether you just heard about the insanely high ROI of email marketing and decided to build an email list or you&aposre already running a successful email program and hit a dead end, I&aposm sure you&aposre looking for ways to jump-start your list. Before we dive in, make sure you...

  1. Sign up with an email service provider.Current email marketing statistics show that businesses using an ESP are more likely to be satisfied with their email program than businesses who do not. An email service provider gives you tools to easily design and manage your email campaigns.
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Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on Apr 21 2014

10 Powerful Opt-In Incentives That Will Get You More Email Subscribers

You probably aren't a fan of people who visit your website, take a look, and leave. You want some way to keep in touch with visitors and email is still the best option. Smart business owners and bloggers have been enticing visitors to subscribe to emails for years - usually by offering a newsletter with tips and tricks. But as attention spans get shorter and people get busier, it's harder than ever to win over email subscribers. One of the most important ways to attract new subscribers is ...

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Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on Apr 10 2014

ExpressPigeon Ranks Among Top ESPs In New Industry Research

According to reviews from 450 marketing professionals, ExpressPigeon's user satisfaction and feature ratings place it next to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ExactTarget, and other industry-leading ESPs.

CHICAGO - April 10, 2014 - Innovative email service provider changing the way marketing email is prepared and sent, ExpressPigeon, was named one of the top email marketing software vendors onG2 Crowd's The Gridâ„ , a proprietary software recommendation engine.

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Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on Mar 26 2014

Gmail Visual Inbox Could Mean Pay-To-Deliver For Email Marketing

Google is rolling out a field trial for Gmail users to test out a "Grid View" for promotional email. The Grid View offers a Pinterest-style viewing option in the Promotions Tab that effectively eliminates subject lines when activated.

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Posted by Paul Gavin Jorgensen on Mar 19 2014

7 Ways To Integrate Social Media & Email Marketing

The social media vs. email marketing discussion continues. But not here. Don&apost get me wrong, I uncovered mind shattering email marketing statistics that show email marketing is a better ROI than social media. But social media and email play better together than they do apart. You can run an effective social media or email campaign without integration. But what happens if you combine your efforts? The truth is, you won't know until you try. Let's jump right in so you can see for yourself... Tactic #1: Add social media icons to emails. Adding social media icons to ...

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Posted by Igor Polevoy on Mar 03 2014

How important is "Reply to" address and how do I configure it?

Customers sometimes ask:

Why is the "Reply To" address, and not the one I configured, and how to change it?

The answer is simple: Only the customer sees it that way. All actual subscribers see campaign emails as coming from the customer. We do it to avoid one of many spam filters ISPs put in to fight against spam. It used to be a typical technique for spammers to send you an email and pretend it is coming from you.

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