Discoverly – everything you need to know
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Discoverly – everything you need to know

What is Discoverly? is a sales intelligence software. It scrapes social media profiles and shows you matching profiles on other platforms.

Save and export profiles on interest. This tool is well suited for job hunters, salespeople, recruiters, and entrepreneurs. Anyone looking to find an email address or social presence will enjoy using this.

Here is a quick video on How to get started with

Gmail, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn don’t play well together, Discoverly helps them “play nice.”

  • Gmail: see contacts’ work info, mutual connections, and tweets
  • LinkedIn profiles: see when you have mutual Facebook friends and tweets.
  • Facebook profiles: see LinkedIn info, mutual connections, and tweets
  • Twitter profiles: see LinkedIn info, mutual connections from Facebook and LinkedIn.

Discoverly is a useful tool in boosting productivity. Let’s dive into details and discuss features and pricing.

Discoverly’s Main Features

Find social profiles on Gmail

Ever got a cold email and wanted to learn more about who’s behind it? Or maybe you’re working out a deal with a client over Gmail and want to know more about them before you lock in a deal. You can do it quite easily with Discoverly’s chrome app.

Discoverly tool in gmail

Whenever I get an email from someone who has a social profile connected to that address, Discoverly will show me their social presence. In this example, my contact is active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Klout (now defunct). I can click on any of these links to check them out and connect with my contact.

linkedin profile found with Discoverly

Find social profiles on LinkedIn

If you want to learn more about a LinkedIn connection. You can do so with Discoverly. Click on the Discoverly extension in your browser and it’ll show you where your connection is active.

discoverly active on linkedin

When I ran Discoverly search for Instagram Co-founder’s Linkdin profile, I found his social profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Crunchbase. 

twitter profile found with discoverly

Find social profiles on Twitter

If you want to look up somebody’s social presence on Twitter with Discoverly, you can do so. I opened Vitalik Buterin’s (Ethereum co-founder) profile and found links to 5 websites where he’s connected. 

discoverly tool active on twitter

Keep in mind,Discoverly doesn’t always get it right. When I clicked on Vitalik’s Facebook profile, it took me to a different Vitalik.

discoverly facebook results

Save and download contacts

Save any profiles that you find with Discoverly. This is very useful when you’re researching many people from a company or trying to build an analysis with lots of people involved.  

Download your saved contacts and export them. This is useful if you want to arrange/filter them in Excel or create a mailing list for people. You can import these downloaded contacts into your email marketing software and create dedicated campaigns for them.


As of now, Discoverly is completely free to use. To save contacts, you do need to have the premium version but as of writing this, the option is unavailable. When you click on the upgrade option, nothing happens. There’s no pricing table on the website either.

Discoverly Support

If you need support, reach out to Although we can’t guarantee you’ll get a quick response. 

Pros and Cons

Here are the things we liked and disliked about Discoverly.

What we liked

  • Loads super quickly
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Works correctly 99% of the time
  • Free to use!

What can be better

  • Sometimes Discoverly mismatches profiles
  • The design and interface is outdated, they need a refresh

Discoverly Alternatives

Discoverly does a good job of finding contacts. There are some other alternatives that offer a better feature range. Let’s look at two discoverly competitors:


SignalHire is available both as a chrome extension and a web app. The app includes a bulk email and phone finder, integrations with CRMs, and API support.

You can set up team accounts, take advantage of their email tracker and enjoy 7-day support over email, chat and phone.

Signal hire offers a 14-day free trial. Their plans start from $39 a month. They offer different plans for finding emails and phone numbers.


Longlist is another sales intelligence tool like Discoverly. It offers all Discoverly features + Job Boards scraping. 

They have a starter plan for $35 a month. This plan includes email-only support. You can have up to 3 users, get reports and create outreach campaigns.

The growth plan is for $59/month. This plan includes everything in Starter plus 5 users a month, phone number collection support, and CRM sync support. 

They also offer an enterprise plan for big companies with custom needs.

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