Simple. Intuitive.
Robust. Editor.


Responsive & Compatible

No matter what computer, phone or a tablet your customers use, your message will come through as you intended.

Any app on every platform, ExpressPigeon is here
to deliver your email as you designed it.

AMP Email

Our email composer provides a full AMP Email capabilities.

Improve your audience experience by providing an interactive experience

True undo / redo

We all make mistakes as it is human to err. With our editor you never lose your work and do not have to waste your time recreating it again.

With our true Undo/Redo, you can skim back and forth instantly at the click of a button.

Flexible Layout and Grid Controls

Don't be confined by the limitations of your current editor. Whatever layout you need, you can reliably reproduce in our email designer.

Our current customers are 97% satisfied with the quality of our email editor, which is the highest rating in the email marketing industry.

Embedded Video

Don't you wish your customers watched your videos in the context of your message rather than fall victims of cute cat videos on Youtube?

With a single click, you can embed a Youtube video into your newsletter and we will ensure to play it in the context of your message regardless of the email program or device.

Drag & Drop

Re-arranging content is as easy as Drag and Drop.

Instant Preview

See the look of your message in a responsive preview before you send.

Our preview also allows to see personalized content before sending!

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Knowledge Base

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