Are you Losing 70% Of Your Holiday Shoppers? Abandoned Cart Emails Can Save You
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Are you Losing 70% Of Your Holiday Shoppers? Abandoned Cart Emails Can Save You

The holiday shopping season is well underway and nothing screams holiday spirit like $7+ billion in online sales from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. Shoppers who want to avoid kicking and screaming went to their digital devices and racked up purchases that brought online holiday sales up over 20% from last year.

E-retailers around the world launched extensive online marketing campaigns to tap into the holiday rush. Black Friday and Cyber Monday come and go, but e-retailers have an especially important week ahead of them.

In fact, there is a four-day period that historically accounts for more online revenue than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. So how do e-retailers capitalize on this important week of business?

Over 70% of your shoppers abandon their carts. Email them.

As incredible as it may seem, online shoppers leave nearly 3 of 4 carts full without making a purchase (Salecycle).

Nothing hurts more than a broken promise, but for e-retailers, shoppers who abandon their carts are ideal marketing targets. Sadly, very few companies are capitalizing on this opportunity. According to the Email Marketing Industry Census from Econsultancy, companies get their highest ROI of any automated email campaign with abandoned basket emails, yet only a fraction of companies are running them. The holiday season is an important time to email your half-committed shoppers. But how do you set up abandoned cart emails?

How-To Send Abandoned Cart Emails

There are several ways to send abandoned cart emails. The best approach is to integrate with your email marketing tool so that your cart automatically generates an email and sends it through our Transactional Email Service.

Integration with an API or integration usually takes less than a day. Nonetheless, we understand that some marketing departments are under stress and simply want a quick solution to…

Send abandoned cart emails without any developer involvement.

This is exactly where custom fields come in. You can select emails of customers who abandoned their shopping carts as well as links to their carts on your site. Having this information means you are 20 minutes away from sending a re-engagement campaign.

Simply load a list of your customers and their corresponding shopping cart links, and fire away. Creating a sophisticated, branded newsletter takes minutes with any powerful email designer and if you have any questions regarding details or the entire procedure, simply ask your provider and they are usually happy to help.

5 Quick Tips to Send Abandoned Cart Emails That Convert

  1. Don’t waste any time. The sooner you send an email to customers who abandon their carts, the more likely they are to complete their order. To automate abandoned cart emails, integrate with your Transactional Email Service.
  2. Be direct in your subject line. Your email subject line should include your company name and a key product that was abandoned in the cart. Beating around the bush gets you nowhere. Example: Complete your order of (PRODUCT) at (
  3. Leave a nice note. Within your custom email design, write a 2-3 sentence letter to your customers. Think of this part of your email as your hand-written note, telling your customers exactly why you’re emailing them, how grateful you are that they visited your site, and how easy it is for them to complete their order.
  4. Include a clear call-to-action. Make sure that your design includes a large CTA button that links directly to your customer’s shopping cart. This is the most important call-to-action. Adding similar product recommendations can be nice, but don’t distract from your main purpose.
  5. Be easy to reach. It should be easy for your customer to find an email address or phone number to reach you if they have any questions about completing the order. Make sure this is simple to find and large enough for your customers to read.

We hope you find this post helpful for boosting your online sales this holiday season. Happy holidays and happy marketing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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