Increase email open rates with a teaser
teaser in email

Increase email open rates with a teaser

One of the most important email marketing best practices is to write a good subject line. After all, your subscribers have a short attention span and will spend no more than 2 seconds to decide if they want to open your email or send it to the trash.

However, sometimes the limited space of the subject isn’t enough to entice your customer to open the email: Enter the Teaser Line, also known as snippet.

Once email providers recognized the subject wasn’t enough information to encourage opens, they augmented their software to display additional content from the email.

Your email editor makes it really easy to add a teaser line. Just click on the teaser box in the header, type your text, and save.

Simple click on the teaser line, type in your text, and save.

Here are some examples of how teasers lines look in an inbox:

The Teaser appears to the right of the subject and should entice your reader to open the newsletter.

The teaser is another opportunity for email marketers to be creative in drawing readers into their emails. It’s always smart to send a test email to yourself to see how the subject and teaser flow before sending your email.

A Teaser Can

  • Make or break your reader from clicking on the email
    If it’s not enticing, or restates the subject, you’re not making the teaser work for you.
  • Draw your reader in to your email
    Some email clients block the big images in your email, but the teaser will show up.
  • Supplement the subject of your email
    Make sure the teaser enhances the subject and leaves your reader wanting more.
  • Improve your open rate by giving just a little more info

A Teaser Can’t

  • Make up for bad content in the rest of the newsletter
    Just because your teaser is enticing, doesn’t mean you can slack on the rest of the newsletter. Make sure to supply exciting content that keeps the reader clicking.
  • Lie to your readers
    If your teaser promises something, like a “Buy One, Get One Free coupon”, there better be a coupon waiting for your readers. Lying about something is a quick way to get an “unsubscribe”.
  • Have a misspelling
    Yeah, first impressions matter. Don’t look like the first kid sent home in the spelling bee.
  • Sound spammy
    If it sounds spammy to an email server, your newsletter may never even make it to the inbox. Do a quick search for “email spam trigger words”.

Happy marketing, and go ahead, be a tease!

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