ExpressPigeon Automation

*picture of a robust flow in EP

Automation in ExpressPigeon is a capability that allows non technical people to define highly technical workflows in a non visual manner. Like anything else we do at ExpressPigeon we have added extremely complex capabilites and made them easy to use.


ExpressPigeon uses flows to execute processes. Flows are made up of three types of elements, triggers, actions, and conditions.


A trigger is an event that starts a flow process for a specific contact. Examples of triggered flow processes are: Put a contact on a schedule to run an entire list Contact added to list Contact subscribed through a web from API, trigger a flow for a contact using API

Find more info on API integration here **link this to /api


Conditions represent forks in the business flow that closely resemble the conditional rules for segmentation, only more powerful. There are additional rules in flow conditions that allow you to process based on customer behavior within the same flow.

Conditions on the flow chart are represented by diamond shapes. Conditions are connected to Actions, which are outcomes.


Actions are commands that our system will execute at a specific time based on conditions. Our system has the following actions:

Send a transactional message Raise a Zapier trigger Move a contact to a target list Copy a contact to a target list Time delay Negative time delay