You can invite additional members to your account, assign them different roles and set individual permissions.

Invite a New Member

First, navigate to a Member page via a menu or directly: Members. Click the "Invite a new member" button and fill in the email address.

The next page you will see is the Roles and Permissions. Our platform (at the time of this writing) has three roles with pre-set permissions:

  • Admin
  • Marketer
  • Reporter

Click every tab and review permissions for each role, in order to better assess what role to assign to a new member. If nothing fits, you can select a Custom role and simply check off every permission as you see fit before sending an invitation.

Once invitations are sent, you can see the status of your account members:

Here, you can see the status of invitations, and you can also re-send an invitation if a member did not receive one.

Permissions can also be reset for an existing member.

Actions Log

An Action Log is a tool for accountability of your members. It logs important actions they perform.

Remove Member

If you remove a member from your account, it does not affect the Actions Log for this member - in other words, the history of actions will remain.