Our pricing model contain 3 different types if plans:

Plans overview

When you navigate to My Account -> Plans you will see a page with three expandable sections, one for each type of a plan. Even before expanding, you can see the details of each plan you have:

Marketing Plan

If you need to upgrade or downgrade your Marketing plan, open up the "Marketing Plan" section, make a selection that fits your needs best and follow the prompts.

If you upgrade to a more expensive plan, your current balance will be prorated, so you will not be charged an entire amount. If you are down-grading to a less expensive plan, your current balance will carry forward. If you are downgrading to a Free plan, your remaining balance will be forfeited.

Transactional Plan

The Transactional Plans section presents you with a calculator you can use to purchase a plan that fits your needs. For more information on how these plans work, please refer to Transactional Plans page.

Automation Plan

An automation plan can only be turned on and off. For pricing, please refer to the Automation Plans.