Adding Buttons

There are two ways to add buttons:

  • Adding a button as a content block
  • Embedding a button into a Text block

Button as a Content Block

When you set the content type as Button, the "Create button" window will open. You can label your button here and set a link as a Call-To-Action.

If you'd like for your button to send an email use "mailto:" followed immediately by the email you want to send to.

As an alternative, you can select one of the pre-defined links:

  • Unsubscribe (will unsubscribe the contact from the account)
  • View online (will display the message in browser)
  • Confirm subscription (will confirm a subscription from a web form)

Once the button block is added to your template, you can edit its properties:

Embedding into Text Block

If you want to insert a button directly into a Text block, use the button in the
text editing menu.

Once you click to insert a button into text, the dialog below will open.

You have the opportunity to set the link, text and other properties for a button.

When embedding a button to a text block, you can only edit its properties while inserting. If a button is added as a standalone content block, you can edit its properties at any time.