Automation Plans

Automation Plans

Our Automations plans depend on the marketing plans. Generally, the Automation plans are one third of your corresponding marketing plan. This means that if your plan is $1000.00 per month, than the corresponding Automations plan is $333.33.

Since the Automations plan depend on Marketing plans, you cannot choose which Autopmations plan you want. Rather you can turn it on or off and we will calculate the appropriate amount.

Please, navigate to the Plans page to make your selection.

Contacts Overage

If your contacts number changes such that it warrants a new marketing plan, our system will automatically downgrade or upgrade your automation plan. You will get email notifications about such changes.


  • If you have 170,000 contacts and your current automation plan cost is $2000,00 / 3 = $666.66.
  • Your contacts number changes to 350,000 contacts
  • Our system will automatically upgrade your plan to $3000 / 3 = $1000 and charge the prorated difference.
  • In case the contact count drops below your current plan, we will automatically downgrade your Automations plan, but will keep the remaining balance on your account.

Failure to renew

In the event your credit card expired or we are unable to process a scheduled payment, our system will send you an email notification and will display a message on the dashboard in your account. Our system will try to renew your plan for 3 consecutive days (once per day) and, in case of a failure, your automation plan will be canceled and all flows will stop operating.

Plan cancellation

You can cancel at any time. Please, see our Terms of Service. Cancellations for Automations subscriptions are the same as for marketing or transactional plans.