Autoresponder API Trigger

You can use our API to trigger autoresponders for extremely precise delivery based on recipients' interests.


Navigate to the Autoresponders page and click the 'Create new autoresponder' button, provide a name and select an 'API trigger'.

After this basic information is entered, you will be able to configure autoresponders' details:

Let check what options you can control:

  • API Trigger - An API event triggers this autoresponder.
  • Reply to - Email for your subscribers to reply to.
  • From name - Name of sender (your or your organization). Subscribers will see emails as coming from this name.
  • Enabled - Toggle that allows you to enable/disable autoresponder.
  • Delay rules - Configure as many autoresponder messages as you need.
    • Then wait for - amount of time you want us to wait before sending the next message
    • Start with - newsletter template you want to send
    • With Subject - email subject


From the screenshot above, the following events will happen:

  • API triggers and autoresponder
  • The system waits for 2 hours
  • The system sends out a newsletter "Follow Up Email" with subject "Thanks for joining us!"
  • The system waits for 1 day
  • The system sends out a newsletter "Follow Up Email 2" with subject "Great opportunity." 'Great opportunity'.