Autoresponder Facebook Subscription Trigger

Autoresponders will initiate when an individual subscribes using a Facebook subscription form.


Navigate to the Autoresponders page and click 'Create new autoresponder' button, provide a name and select a 'Facebook subscription' as a trigger.

After this basic information is entered, you will be able to configure autoresponders' details:

Let check what options you can control:

  • Facebook Subscription - A Facebook subscription will trigger this autoresponder.
  • Reply to - Email for your subscribers to reply to.
  • From name - Name of sender (your or your organization). Subscribers will see emails as coming from this name.
  • Enabled - Toggle that allows you to enable/disable autoresponder.
  • Delay rules - Configure as many autoresponder messages as you need.
    • Then wait for - amount of time you want us to wait before sending the next message
    • Start with - newsletter template you want to send
    • With Subject - email subject


From the screenshot above, the following events will happen:

  • Contact submits a Facebook subscription
  • The system waits for 2 hours
  • The system sends out a newsletter "Follow Up Email" with subject "Thanks for joining us!"
  • The system waits for 1 day
  • The system sends out a newsletter "Follow Up Email 2" with subject "Great opportunity."