Campaign Overview

Campaign Overview is a main page of any campaign reporting, and includes all of teh statistics, graphs and a geolocation map.

This page provides both, a high level as well as detailed view of a campaign.


The main tab of the campaign report area is the Overview. See an example below.

Timing and devices

These graphs provide a visibility of audience interactions over time after a campaign was sent. The time graph is broken into 30 minute increments and spans 12 hours.

Top 5

The Top 5 section displays the most popular operating systems as well as domains. Both metrics are based on the audience interactions, so you knew which ones are the most active.

Geo Location Map

Ge Location map allows to zoom in on a specific geographic zone and then select audience members who happen to be in that zone when they opened this campaigns message. After that, you can:

  • Add these contacts to a brand new list
  • Add these contacts to an existing list

We call this feature Geolocation/Engagement segmentation


The Properties page of the campaign shows the subject, the sender information, when the campaign was sent, the message that was sent. Other parameters might also display under specific conditions.

Click Report

The click report displays all link URLs that recorded any clicks and provides:

  • Total numbers
  • Unique numbers
  • Follow link
  • Selectors to include/exclude URLs from the search

The contacts that are displayed below can be acted upon if they are segmented into a new or existing list.

If you want customers who clicked a specific list, adjust check boxes on the filter, press "Update" and use one of the buttons , depending on your requirements.

Contact History

Whenever you are on any "list" page for a current campaign (such as Delivered, Opens, etc), by clicking on any specific contact, you can see a complete history of that contact interacting with the current campaign.

You can also search for contacts in teh context of this campaign and navigate to history from the search results. Use the Search tab on lower left of the campaign area.