Campaigns Trends

Our Campaign Trends page contains reporting data you can use to see performance of your campaigns over time.

In order to navigate to the Campaign Trends page, press the "Trends" button in the top right area of the "All Campaigns" page:

The trends report defaults to the last 60 days of reporting, which you can change using a filter form at the top of the page.

Engagement trends is the main section that displays Open (blue) and Click (green) curves.

Feel free to adjust the following parameters of the Trends graph:

  • Total - data charted based on total number of events (number of opens and clicks)
  • Unique - data charted based on total number of people (number of opens and clicks) - this view will discard multiple opens of the same campaign message by the same person.
  • Exclusion- sometimes you send small campaigns for testing. Use this filter to exclude these stats from the chart.

This chart when set to a significant time period, will reflect if your campaigns are improving or need attention.

Delivery Chart

The Delivery section displays stats related to delivery - lala, such as In Transit, Delivered and Bounced events over the same time period as the filter at the top of the page. If you have a delivery problem, such as a SPAM filter block, or hard bounces, you will see it here.

Note that charts have tabs at the bottom, which allows to display the same data in different formats, such as below:

Engagement Chart

The Engagement Chart is different from the one above because it displays absolute numbers rather than percentage. As such, all customer engagement metrics are placed into this chart for comparison and display in absolute numbers.

Use the check boxes to turn some stats on and off for visibility. For instance, you may want to turn Opens and Clicks off to see Unsubscribes better (due to them having a much lower rate).

The two images below display the same Engagement chart but on different tabs (Bar chart and Data).

Domains Chart

The domains chart shows the most popular domains in your campaigns for the set period, sorted by count.

You can display Domains visually as a bar chart:

... or as a table:

Events Log

Last but not least, there is an Events chart, which simply shows the top 500 events from the selected time period.