Campaign Wizard

Campaign Wizard is an optional feature for customers who want to have a Campaign Approval feature to be turned on their accounts.

If this feature is enabled on your account (contact Support to get it enabled), you will be configuring a new campaign in a step-by-step fashion. It makes it easier for users to focus on one thing at the time and helps avoid costly mistakes.

Step 1

This helps you configure a campaign name, subject and a second subject if you chose to use A/B split campaigns. Once done, just click the "Next →" button to move to the next page.

Below is an example of the same page as above but with expanded A/B section and a second subject.

Step 2

Setup Target audience, as well as to and from values. The Target audience allows you a powerful feature of selecting any combination of lists and their respective segments.

Our system automatically de-dupes contacts for campaigns. Even if the same contact is present on multiple lists and segments, that person will receive a single message.

Step 3

In case you want to use the Automation Flow feature, you can hookup a new flow and event trigger to your campaign.

For instance, you can trigger a flow fr a contact after you send a campaign and that contact clicks a specific link. This is a very powerful feature, the one you can use to build custom nurturing and cross-marketing processes.

Step 4

In this step, you can chose to have Google Analytics and Progressive Campaigns enabled.

Step 5 - Final Review

The Final Review helps you have a single view of all parameters of a campaign before you send it out. In case you want to adjust any properties, you can always click the "← Previous" button.

If you have an approval process turned on and you do not have an Approval Permission, the buttons "Send" and "Schedule" will turn onto a "Request for Approval" button, which will allow you to send approval requests.