Campaigns Approval

Campaign Approval process allows companies to separate responsibilities between individuals who prepare campaigns and those who approve the content and other sending options and ultimately allow campaigns to be sent.

The Campaign Approval process works together with the Campaign Wizard.

The Campaign Approval and the Campaign Wizard are not enabled by default.

Please, contact us on the Support page to request the Campaign Approval on your account.

Campaign Approval Indicator

Whenever a campaign is completed with the Campaign Wizard and is waiting for approval, the "Waiting for Approval" button on the "All Campaigns" displays an orange counter indicator.

When the "Waiting for Approval" button is pressed, the system will display a list of campaigns waiting for approval.

Review campaign and approve

When you navigate to a specific campaign wsaiting fro approval, a page containing the campaign properties will display:

Note, that the Edit and Approve buttons will only display for users wqho have Aa Campaign Approval permission.

Approve Permissions

Campaign approval can only be performed by members who have appropriate permissions. Please, navigate to a Members Page and click on a Permission button for a spocific member whose permissions you want to manage:

Mark the checkbox for the "Approve Campaings" on a specific member permissions page to allow that person to approve campaigns.