Contact Fields

All contacts in the system have fields associated with them, such as

  • First name
  • Last name
  • email
  • Company,
  • etc.

The fields are broken into two groups: Standard fields that come out of the box on your account, and Custom fields, which are created by the user and contain data related to your business.

Standard fields

When you click on any contact, you will navigate to that contact's profile. The panel on the left contains standard fields. These fields are filled with data when you upload a contact list.

Additionally, you can manually edit these values for any individual contact.

Custom fields

If you need to store and merge data into your template that is outside of our Standard fields, you can create Custom fields by navigating to the Custom Fields page:

Just click the "Add new custom field" button to create a new field and follow the prompts.

Once you have a new custom field, you can fill it with data on a contact profile page:

Make sure your CSV headers match the names of Standard as well as Custom fields when you upload a contact list