Creating and Editing templates

Template Options

On the Templates page you can find three options for creating a template:

  1. Create template uses our responsive "Drag and Drop" editor to create an original template
  2. Template gallery allows you to choose a template format from our gallery. Don't worry, you'll be able to mold it to fit your desired appearance with our editor.
  3. Code custom HTML allows you create a template using HTML (experts only).

You can easily select your desired template by either clicking on the thumbnail or clicking the edit button.

We have a large collection of professional looking templates for all styles. Simply click on our Template Gallery and choose the template that's most appealing to you.

Basic Structure

Watch this short video to learn a basic editor structure:

Rows & Columns

When creating a template from scratch you’ll see a highlighted row from which you can choose the number of columns in your row, as well as the type of content for each block:

Adding a Row

You can add another row by either clicking the + in the "Row Editor" or by clicking the "Add new row" button in the "Row Properties" panel on the left. From the "Row Properties" panel, new rows will be added to the top of the template. From the "Row Menu" they will be immediately added above the current row.

Setting the Content Type

Upon entering the editor you’ll find a single row highlighted with a "Set Content Type" button. Clicking this button essentially forces you to choose from the content options on the left.

Row Structure

Watch this short video for an overview of content structure:

Row Content

The editor is structured by rows with one to four content blocks. If a block is selected, you’ll see the row edit menu above. When you click on a specific block you will also see a corresponding edit menu below, which will vary based on the content of the row.

Content Blocks

Easily resize blocks by dragging to the desired size. Align content using the padding control in the properties panel to adjust spacing within the block.

Moving Content

Watch this short video for a better understanding of how to move content within templates:

Undo / Redo

No matter how far you proceed into a single session, our Undo button will take you all the way back to the beginning of that session. This is a great feature that is unique to the ExpressPigeon editor.

To add a link to your template simply click the link button in the local editor which will open up the Insert Link window. Here you can enter the desired URL, the text to display, the title (which will display when hovered over) as well as the type of link (link list).

To set a link to an email address simply type “mailto:” followed immediately by the desired email address into the URL field.

Adding Images

Watch this short video for a better understanding of how to add images:

How to Add Images

In any content block choose Image as the content type and your image gallery will open. Simply select the image you want to insert into the block.

To add images to the Image Gallery simply drag and drop them into the top of the Gallery, or click the Browse button on the right to browse for files.