Custom tracking domains


Every email has images and links, which in turn have URLs (images are downloaded from such URLs, and links force your email program to navigate to these URLs).

By default, we have our ExpressPigeon domains for links and images. Such domains are,, etc. In other words, the images are downloaded from our servers, and links point back to our servers too.

We recommend that you whitelabel thse domains. For instance, an image URL might look like this before whitelabeling:

It will look like this after:

where "" will point to your business domain.

We recommend whitelabeling tracking domains to strengthen your brand across email channel.


Step 1: Please add the following CNAME entries for your domain:

CNAME clicks
CNAME unsub
CNAME content
CNAME open
CNAME viewer

You will have to make modifications to DNS records of your domain (proceed carefully).

Step 2: Reach out to our Support to verify and complete your configuration.