Eventbrite integration allows you to create custom branded messages to be sent to the attendees of your event.

First you need to connect your ExpressPigeon and Eventbrite accounts. Please navigate to the Integrations page and press Connect Eventbrite account button. Follow the prompts and allow ExpressPigeon to access your Eventbrite account.

When editing a template select content type as Eventbrite:

After you selected the eventbrite as your new block, a dialog will be presented with the following options:

The 'Select event' dropdown will pull down all of the events in your Eventbrite account so that you can choose which event to add to your template.

The "List name for contacts' is a suggested name for a list where attendees will be inserted. In other words, we will pull the entire content of your event and all attendees with one click of a button. The contacts will be inserted into a corresponding list while event content will be added to the template.

If a list with this name already exists, the new attendees will be added to it. If it does not, a new list will be created on the fly.