Facebook Subscription Button

A Facebook subscription button placed on your site will allow subscribers to signup to your list with a single click. When a visitor clicks this button on your site, we will pull their email address from their Facebook account, it is that simple! They do not have to even type their email address.

Building a Facebook Button

Use the "Subscriptions" option from the main menu.

Select the "Facebook Subscribe Button" and give it a name . Select the target list(s) that you want this button to send new signups into. Click "Create subscription" button.

Note: First-time users may receive a pop-up Approval Request (prevents SPAM)

Configure FB Subscription

Here you can configure parameters such as:

  • Subscription name - so you can identify it on your account.
  • Facebook subscribe button label - what label will your subscribers see
  • After submit message - greeting subscribers see after clicking the button

Deploy to Your Site

Simply copy/paste the IFrame code into your site.