Flows introduction

Marketing Automation is the process of putting your actions and decisions on autopilot. Frequently, marketers have to send targeted emails as well as perform other actions such as segmenting, tagging, etc.

ExpressPigeon Automation makes these tasks easy, allowing marketers to save time and money by doing the grunt work in the background.

ExpressPigeon Automation allows you to prioritize and execute your marketing tasks in a more efficient manner by creating "Flows" that give each individual customer their own experience based on their interactions.

Automation takes traditional marketing email campaigns to the next level. If used correctly, you can send customized content and messaging to your lead segments and ultimately create more personalized experiences for your subscribers. This approach will help you to increase your ROI, and make your customers feel a more personal connection to you while reducing your effort.


  • Automation - a way to automate multiple tasks into a single workflow
  • Flow - a system for creating, editing, viewing and executing automations
  • Workflow - a synonym for a Flow
  • Conditions - a way to branch execution of a flow based on customer data and behavior
  • Action - a component that performs a unit of work within a flow

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