List Controls

You can perform several different actions on contacts within the list.

In order to enable them, you have to select at least one contact inside the list using the checkboxes:

Copy Contacts

Copy operation allows you to copy selected contacts to another list. Just select contacts you want to copy, click 'Copy' button on the control panel and then select a target list:

Move Contacts

Moving is the same as copying described above with one difference - selected contact(s) will be moved to the target list. This means that they will be removed from the current list.

Delete Contacts

This operation allows you to delete selected contact(s) from the current list. Note that the contacts will not be removed from other lists.

Delete Contacts from All Lists

Deleting from "All lists" is the same as completely deleting from your account.

Download Contacts as CSV

You can download a CSV file with selected contact(s). To do this, please select contacts and click the 'Download CSV' button on control panel.