Manage your Contacts

Adding Contacts to a List

Open any contact list and click the 'Add contacts' button:

We provide three ways of adding contacts to the list:

Upload a CSV File

Upload your contacts as a comma separated files (csv). We provide an example of CSV file that you can download and use:

When you open downloaded file you will see the following:

Please follow 3 basic rules:

  • A header may be in upper or lower case and may contain any number of ′−′, ′_′ or spaces. For instance, you can use header 'First Name' or 'First_Name' and our system will just handle it.
  • Invalid headers are ignored.
  • If your CSV does not have headers, we will expect it to have a single column with emails only.
  • Standard as well as custom field names follow the same rules.

After you have prepared your CSV file with contacts, just drag'n'drop it or use 'Browse' button to just upload it. After our system process this file, you will get a notification sent to your email address with details about processed and imported contacts.

Type Manually

Here you can simply type in contact details such as 'Email', 'First Name' and 'Last name'. You will be able to update any other properties of these contacts later.

Spreadsheet Copy/Paste

This feature works exactly the same as Upload CSV file but instead of uploading a CSV file, you would copy/paste contacts directly from your spreadsheet. The same rules for headers apply. You will get the same email report as in the case of Upload CSV file.

Editing Contacts

When you navigate to a specific contact, you will have access to multiple tabs on the control panel:

Contact Profile

The 'Standard fields' are part of the ExpressPigeon platform; you get them out of the box. The 'Custom fields' can be created and managed on the Custom fields page.

Use Custom fields for deeper personalization.

Contact Lists

On our system a contact can be present on more than one list. You can navigate to a Contact profile page to see all the lists a specific contact belongs to.

In order to remove a current contact from a list, click 'x' icon on the right side as shown below:

Additionally, you can add a current contact to another list directly from this page. Just use the 'Add to another list' button and select a target list you want this contact to be added to:

Contact Campaigns

The Campaigns tab on a COntact profile page shows how this contact reacted to the campaigns he/she received. You can see a timestamp, campaign name, and what exactly that contact did (opened, clicked and etc.).

Contact Subscriptions

This Subscriptions tab shows how this person was added to the system, to which list, how and when he/she was subscribed or unsubscribed.