Integrating Recaptcha into HTML form

A ReCaptcha is a technology from Google that allows you to protect your forms from hacking.

If you are hosting a subscription form on our site (by clicking the View Online button or using the iFrame), nothing needs to be done, since we are integrating ReCaptcha automatically.

In case you want to integrate HTML code into your website directly, follow these steps:

1. Send Request to Support

Send a request to our Support to request ReCaptcha enabled on your account.

2. Register your site with ReCaptcha

If you have not already done so, register your site on Google ReCaptcha site.

3. Configure ReCaptcha Keys

NOTE: We currently support ReCAPTCHA v2 Checkbox. Please, ensure to use this version with our platform.

Once previous steps are complete, you can copy the Site and the Secret Keys to the Integrations page in your ExpressPigeon Account. Just copy these from Google:

into your ExpressPigeon Integrations Page:

At this point, your HTML forms will be generated complete with proper ReCaptcha keys.

For more, see How to Deploy a Subscription Form.