Build a Custom Email Subscription Form in Minutes

A webform or a subscription form is used to collect email addresses of visitors on your site. A good subscription form is essential to growing your email list.

Building a custom subscription form creates an entry point for users to opt-in to an email newsletter.

Building an Subscription Form

Navigate to "Subscriptions" in the main menu.

Select "Regular Web Form" and enter a corresponding name. Select the lists that you want this form to send new signups to and click "Create subscription" button.

Note: First-time users may see a pop-up Approval Request (wards of spammers)

General Tab

Control your subscription webform and target lists. A target list is a list where your new signups are added. You can select more than one target list.

Form Builder Tab

Once you navigate to this page, you already have created a working form!

Adding Banner Image

We recommended adding an image to your subscription form.

Navigate to the Form Builder tab and expand "Header image" menu option. Click "Browse image file", select an image, and click "Upload". You will automatically see the image in your subscription form. Click "Save" button.

You will immediately see the form preview on the right.

You can update any of available fields directly on the form preview area.

Add More Fields

If you want to collect more information from your subscribers you can easily add standard or custom fields to your subscription form. Simply click the (+) plus sign next to a fields to add it to a form.

After adding it, you can drag it up and down to any location.

Do not forget to "Save" your form after making any modifications

Form Adjustments

You can further customize the form by editing labels in your language:

In addition, when you hover your mouse over a form, it will light up additional controls:

  1. Drag handles - use to drag fields up and down
  2. Required toggle - mark fields as required
  3. Delete button - click to delete from the form
  4. Signup label - use to change the label on the signup button.

After Submit Tab

The "After submit tab" is a place where you can configure what happens when your subscribers submit a confirmation form. This includes:

  • A response message
  • Double Opt-in message should you decide to use it

Form Submit Feedback

When a subscriber submits a form, they will see a "Thank you" message. You can chose this message to be hosted on our site, or on yours.

Feedback Type

In order to host it on our site, select a "Message" option and edit the content of this page:

The other option is to redirect to a custom page on your website. Select a "Redirect" option, and enter a location of your custom "Thank you" page:

Confirmation Type

Here you can chose a "Single Opt-in" or a "Double Opt-in". Read more on Double Opt-in

Opt-in Confirmation Email

If you chose the Double Opt-in confirmation for you form, you will be able to configure a standard message or a custom one based on your template design.

The standard message can still be configured:

If you want to maintain your brand and design, simply create a template for subscription confirmation using our editor and chose your custom template for the confirmation.

The title of the template in our editor will be the subject for the confirmation email.

Ensure that the confirmation template will have this merge tag in it: ${confirm_link}. It serves as a placeholder for insertion of a dynamic confirmation link.

Single Opt-in

If you select Single Opt-in, we will not be sending a confirmation email and your subscribers will be placed on a list instantly.

We recommend double opt-ins.

Confirmation Tab

This is what is displayed for a subscriber after confirming from a Double Opt-in message.

Here you again can configure a message hosted on our site, or redirect to yours.

Deploy a Form on Your Site

There are three ways to deploy a form:

  • Share a link to a form (by clicking View online button)
  • Copy/paste HTML into your site (HTML code button)
  • Insert form as an IFrame (IFrame button)