Suppress List

Each account has a Suppress List which contains the following categories of contacts:

Suppressed Categories

Your Suppress List may contain the following categories of contacts:

  • Bounce - email address considered undeliverable after three attempts which resulted in soft bounces
  • Hard bounce - undeliverable email addresses
  • Unsubscribed - unsubscribed contacts
  • SPAM - contacts that reported your message as SPAM (we have FBL integrations with all major ISPs )
  • Uploaded - those directly uploaded into a Suppressed list by you (when new customers migrate to us from other ESPs)

We strongly recommend uploading your current suppressed contacts into your Suppressed List during migration to our system in order to avoid re-sending of unwanted messages.

Removing Contacts from Supress List

As an account holder you have the power to move contacts freely across all lists except a Suppress List. If a contact has a desire to be moved from a Suppress List back to an active list, they will have to subscribe again using one of the Web forms you define.

Manually unsubscribing contacts

An account owner can manually unsubscribe a contact by navigating to that contacts profile page and pressing the "Unsubscribe" button:

Unsuppressing contacts

Removing contacts from the Suppress List can be done by a contact subscribing again with a Subscription form.

In some cases when you feel strongly that a suppressed contact should not have been suppressed, send us a support ticket and we may move the contact back to an appropriate list.

Why can't you just move contacts from a suppress list to any active list? Because we respect every individual's decition to subscribe to whatever source of information they want. It also makes it easier to be compliant with CAN SPAM Act.