Template Tags

If you drown in your templates and want to organize them better, you can assign tags to templates. Once you have done that, you can search templates not only by names, but also by tags.

Adding Tags to the Templates

When a template is open in the editor, you can find a tagging component in the left lower corner of the page.

Just start typing your tag. If the tag exists, it will show up in the auto-suggest list. If it does not, simply press Enter, and a new tag will be created on the fly.

Searching by Tags

Open a search widget, click the Advanced link:

This will open two search fields: by name, and by tag. As you start typing tag names, the system will auto-suggest existing tag names for your convenience. Select any number of tags to limit your search criteria.

Managing Tags

All tags are stored on your account and can be managed in the "Settings -> Tags" area. For your convenience, you can access tags directly.

This page allows editing or deleting of existing tags. Adding new tags is described above.