Progressive campaigns / Time personalization

Progressive campaigns allow you to customize a send time for every contact on that campaign.


Our platform allows for personalization of time to send. For instance, when you send a campaign to your audience, you can customize time of email delivery for each and every individual.

In all cases, the messages will be delivered within 24 hours from the time of send, depending on the type of a campaign: Fixed or Rolling.


In order to enable Progressive campaigns, please add a new Custom field called send_time (see Custom field for how add).

The presence of this special field send_time on your account will automatically enable the Progressive campaign option on the "Send campaign" page.

Send time field format

The format for send_time field is expected to be in military format with hours from 0-23, and minutes from 0-59.

Example: 1:52 PM will be 13:52.

If a value is not provided or format is not correct, such message will be sent immediately with the campaign.

Fixed campaign

In a fixed campaign all messages will be sent by midnight on the day of send. For example, if you send a message at 10:00 AM and there are people for whom send_time is set to deliver prior to 10:00 AM, their messages will be sent immediately, while anyone scheduled to receive after 10:00 AM will receive their message at the time specified in the send_time field.

Rolling campaign

Rolling campaigns do not end at midnight like Fixed campaigns, but roll over a 24 hour period from the time of send. If you schedule a rolling campaign at 9:00 AM and have a recipient who is scheduled to receive their message at 8:00 AM, that recipient would receive their message at 8:00 AM on the following day. This is why this type of campaign is called "Rolling" (it rolls into the next day). Anyone else, whose send time is between the time of send and midnight will get the message on the same day, which is the same as a Fixed campaign.