Transactional Plans

Free plan

The Free plan allows you to integrate with our API and try the service out. This plan is limited to 50 messages per day.

In case of an attempt to send more than 50 per day, the API will provide the following response:

"status": "error"
"code": 503
"message":  "Free accounts are limited to 50 messages per day."

Introductory plan

The Transactional Intro plan will allow to send up to 10,000 messages per month. This plan will cost (at the time of writing) only $4.00 per month.

This plan is appropriate for low volume senders and startups.

TODO: turn into link: The same Overage, cancellation and credit card expiration rules apply to this plan.

Transactional Plans

Our Transactional plans are purchased in blocks of 30,000 message credits. This means that if you need to send 50,000 messages per month, you'd purchase 2 credit blocks. At high volume the price per 1,000 messages will drop.

Unused Plan Credits

Unused plan credits do not roll over into the next month. At the end of your billing cycle your plan will renew automatically.

Additional Credits

In addition to your current plan, you can also buy sending credits, also in blocks of 30,000 messages each. Unlike monthly plans which expire at the end of your billing cycle and renew automatically, additional credits never expire and remain in your account until used.

Whichever plan you have currently, your Additional Credits will be used before your plan credits.

Failure to renew

In the event, your credit card expired or we are unable to process your card, the transactional plan will reset to a free, allowing only 50 messages per day. You will receive an email alert about this event.

Plan cancellation

When you cancel your plan you will automatically switch to a free plan with a 50 message per day cap. If you have additional credits left, they will remain on your account.

You can cancel at any time. Transactional plans cancellation Terms of Service are the same as marketing plans.

Sending Overage

If your balance drops below a specific number of messages, a new block will be purchased automatically.

  • In the intro plan, a new block of 10,000 messages will automatically be purchased if your plan drops to 2,000 emails before the monthly plan renewal.
  • In any other plan, a new block of 30,000 messages will automatically be purchased if your plan drops to 10,000 emails before the monthly plan renewal.


Lets say you have a transactional plan of 3 blocks, 30,000 each, totalling 90,000 messages per month. In the event of a spike in traffic on your website requires to send 100,000 messages. At the threshold of 80,000 messages we will automatically add one block of 30,000 messages to your account and send you a notification. In the event your balance drops to 10,000 messages again, the same process will initiate.