Routing of Transactional Messages

We provide an easy three step process to let you prepare for sending production messages. These are:

  • Sending to blackhole
  • Sending to a test email address
  • Sending to a real email address

The Black Hole!

Yes, ExpressPigeon has a blackhole! If you send your messages to using our API, the message will not actually be sent. Use this feature to learn now to integrate with our API to send messages, but not exactly send them.

Sending to a Sandbox Address

The next step after blackhole, is to start sending real messages. Each API call requires using the Authentication Key, but if you use a Sandbox Authentication Key, the messages will be delivered to the Sandbox Destination email.

In order to access the Authentication Keys and configure your Sandbox Destination email, navigate to the Integrations page:

Sending to Actual Addresses

When you are comfortable sendng to the Sandbox Destination email, just replace the Sandbox Authentication Key for your Production Authentication Key, and messages will be delivered to your contacts!