9 Reasons Modern Moms Help You Create better Marketing Campaigns
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9 Reasons Modern Moms Help You Create better Marketing Campaigns

Welcome to the Modern Mom Series, the official launch of the Better Email Project. This series is dedicated to sharing email marketing wisdom, inspiration, and best practices from tech-savvy moms who balance motherhood with the insanely difficult task of running a full-time online blog/business.

It is a great pleasure of meeting some very inspiring mom entrepreneurs and mom bloggers over the last few years, and in most cases. You can be absolutely blown away. Balancing motherhood with running a full-time blog/business sounds impossible, but somehow, these moms are doing it and doing it well.

Modern moms are some of the most creative, driven, and successful bloggers and entrepreneurs in the world. We are hoping to share their stories and best practices, in an effort to help you send better email campaigns. Modern moms can teach us a great deal about email marketing. We’re learning a lot already, and we can’t wait to share.

Here are 9 Reasons Modern Moms Will Help You Send Better Email Campaigns!

Modern moms…

1. are brilliant marketers. You don’t just wake up one day and find yourself with kids and a successful business. It takes something special to get there.

2. know their audiences. Modern moms have this insane ability to connect on a deep, personal level with their audiences. Exactly what we need to do with email.

3. make money. Making money blogging is not easy, and neither is making money with sending email. Modern moms know it’s not easy, but they do it anyways.

4. often give away awesome stuff. We are always looking for the “right” way to give away free stuff. Doesn’t everybody love free? ๐Ÿ™‚

5. compete with 4+ million modern moms. To rise to the top of this insane competition requires incredible confidence and individuality we can all learn from.

6. express themselves. It’s so important to be able to find your own voice, and modern moms are so themselves, it’s scary (sometimes). We can certainly learn from this.

7. are fearless. Modern moms exude an extra “umph”, a fire, that gives them the confidence to be real and test out crazy marketing ideas. Super important.

8. are social. Can you say Pinterest? Twitter? Facebook? Modern moms are doing social HUGE and taking audience relationships to a whole new level.

9. are moms. You wouldn’t be reading this without them. Enough said.

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