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The most advanced and easiest email editor in the industry

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Email Compatibility Email Compatibility

Give your readers the best experience on any device. Receive higher engagement with responsive layouts out of the box.


Personalize Personalize

Make your customers feel special with personalized offers. We make it easy for you to send highly targeted messages.

Analyze Analyze

If you can't measure, you can't manage and drive success.

Bring your ROI up with our comprehensive reporting. With data at your fingertips, goals are easy to achieve.

Campaign report Campaign performance Campaign performance

Segmentation Segmentation

Easily target very specific segments based on complex rules. You can create segmentation rules with no technical knowledge in just a few clicks.


Deliver Deliver

Give your messages the best chance to be delivered and read with our powerful and flexible delivery network.

Discuss your delivery needs with our knowledgeable team to customize a solution tailored to your business.

Your emails will look like they came from you.

  • Shared IP pools
  • Private IP pools
  • Branded IP delivery
  • White-labeled domain tracking
  • Priority delivery
  • Custom routing

Custom Solutions

Does your business have special challenges with email? We specialize in working with you to solve them.

Tailored Reporting

Looking for more advanced reporting? We can provide you with information no other ESP would.

Integrations and API's

Our API development is driven by customers' requests. Let us know what you need, and we will make it happen.

Custom Development

We will crack your hardest email problem. Think of us as a extension of your development team, tasked with your email challenges.

Professional Services

Design, implementation and execution of your entire email marketing plan.

Jeremy Rose

Jeremy Rose

Digital Operations & Advance,
Citizens for Rauner

"EP has ability to merge in so many custom fields we are able to generate truly 1:1 personalized emails. ... No other ESP offers this, PERIOD."

Tuan Pham-Barnes

Tuan Pham-Barnes

Senior Vice President of Engineering at HighGround, Inc.

"The transactional API is very easy to integrate with.
... this is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing ExpressPigeon as your email backbone."

Jason Stulberg

Jason Stulberg

CPO at Fooda, Inc

"It's reliable, consistent and easy to use. The best feature is the support from the EP team. Another benefit is consistent product upgrades, which is again unique in the email service industry."

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