Jeremy Rose

Digital Operations & Advance, Citizens for Rauner

"We've tried out so many ESP, working with almost all of them at one point or another, but until Express Pigeon we haven't found one with such an easy to use and intuitive interface where almost anyone in our organization can use the system. While at the same time having the technical muscle to handle the complex integrations and functionality we require. With the flexibility of Express Pigeon's API and ability to merge in so many custom fields we are able to generate truly 1:1 personalized emails. Additionally, Express Pigeon offers the ability to set a custom/unique delivery time for each subscriber allowing us to further target everyone on our list. No other ESP offers this, PERIOD."

Cameron Paxton

Business Team Services at Maxavenue

"Once you have sent a lot of campaigns, it can be a bit of a chore to go back and find a particular one. If you are frustrated with the template editors of other providers, ExpressPigeon is super simple to use and lets you know exactly how your email will turn out without having to send test copies to yourself. Because we are a real estate brokerage, we need to have email templates that can be customized to come from each individual agent when going out to their mailing lists. The custom fields make this very easy to do and is a feature missing from many email service providers."

Alexandra Kosoj

Digital Marketing Project Manager, SoMe Connect

"Express Pigeon has an easy to use design for navigating all the different functions including how to create, send, add contacts and review results. The overall usability is great for someone who has never used an email marketing service before but also is robust to create unique and customized designs without being limited to templates. Also, the customer support for Express Pigeon is outstanding! Anytime I have a question or concern, I receive feedback within the hour if not almost immediately. This is extremely important for me as I usually needs answers for my clients asap. It helps me stay efficient throughout the workday."

Seth Kravitz

Co-Founder of Technori

"Designing an email is honestly so much simpler with their product than with the two others I have tried in the last three years. I used to take about 30 to 45 minutes to prep and send one email and with ExpressPigeon I would say it's maybe 10 minutes or less. Definitely a great fit for anyone who doesn't have a strong understanding of design or who doesn't want to mess with HTML at all when building emails. The learning curve on using their email designer is minutes."

Cate Conroy

Founder, Content Marketer & Strategist, Concentric Content Marketing

"My favorite part of the platform is the design flexibility. I was able to build newsletters that reflected our branding, which was surprisingly difficult on a number of other popular platforms I've used in the past (Constant Contact, SendGrid and MailChimp). If you're debating using the product, reach out to their staff. They are incredibly friendly and happy to chat with anyone about the platform."

Amanda Gant

Digital Marketing Manager, Orbit Media Studios

"I'm a huge advocate for making things simple for the user, which is exactly what EP has done. You don't have to be technical to use this tool. It's very simple, flexible, and the customer service is fantastic. I've used almost all of the other email marketing services and this is by far one of my favorites! I would have no hesitation recommending Express Pigeon to my clients. It's very easy to use, flexible, and it's affordable. Bonus: They're local Chicagoans!"

Chirag Patel

Director of Software Development, ContextMedia, Inc.

"The designer is extremely simple to work with and EP has incorporated some nice touches including embedded Youtube videos which will play on the web hosted version of the email. Their support has been even more fantastic, they are extremely responsive and complete what they say they will. I've also been very happy with the transactional API If you're looking for an excellent email designer with nice templates, this is the best I know of on the market. Also customer support always delivers and new features are released quickly."

Monty Meyer

Owner, KHLT Recovery Broadcasting

"ExpressPigeon is an email bird you want to hitch your wagon to. The software is extremely user friendly and the technical support deserves a 10 star rating. The consistency of customer care is incredible and the quality is impeccable. If your looking for a user friendly format you can't get any more user friendly than ExpressPigeon. The customer service is incredible. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? Those who subscribe to my email blast have expressed how pleased they are with the ease of maneuverability. The layouts are attractive and easy on the eyes. The Pigeon has enhanced my radio programming and shows. I am so pleased with this bird that I want everyone to know."

Jochen (Joe) Renz

New Mobility Entrepreneur

"The tool is very powerful and covers all areas of the E-Mail marketing needs. What makes ExpressPigeon stand out is its user experience. For non-Techies it provides an intuitive user experience and the templates allow a very professional end result."

Stephanie Gandsey

Marketing Director for a CPA and Business Advisory Firm

"ExpressPigeon makes designing your email newsletter easy. I am able to spend time creating great content rather than taking hours to create a newsletter. I recently went on maternity leave and was able to pass off the design portion of the newsletter with no problems. The new person could log in and get the newsletter created without contacting me. We are able to keep in contact with our members and gauge how many people are seeing our messages. I love having the analytics to see who opened and what they clicked on. Also, we are able to see what message titles get opened so we can change our strategy for the next time."

Ryan Fisch

CTO, Spirit Shop Inc.

"There are a few aspects that jump out, UX: design tool easily beats out it's competition, DEV: their api can't be any easier to work with, I was up and running minutes with a code based integration, CUSTOMER SERVICE: excellent response time and always eager to help! Give it a try, easy API integration, great customer service and competitively priced all equals great ROI if you ask me. We are using EP as both our digital marketing driver as well as our application based transactional email provider."

Mana Ionescu

President and Digital Marketing Director, Lightspan Digital

"Besides a highly competitive price, ExpressPigeon has probably the easiest to use design interface of any email system we've used. You can drag and expand a column, drag and drop and highly intuitive modules. Also all templates are mobile friendly! For those who like data, you'll appreciate being able to see your deliverability rate. Most email systems don't disclose this data. Signing up with ExpressPigeon is a no-brainer. We use it a lot with clients who want to get started and then DIY. You'll get modern designs, highly customizable, very good reports and outstanding customer service."

Andrew Papier, MBA

Marketing, Business Development,

"What my company and I like the most about ExpressPigeon is that it is easy to use and intuitive. The two people that use it the most in my office are the least tech and design savy, but have found EP to be as easy as any software we've ever used. On top of that the staff are unbelievable attentive. My colleague had an issue at 1am and he got an email back immediately. Although I can't say to expect that type of service (and we didn't) it seems to always be similar. Compared to what else is out there, EP is hard to beat. A company to look out for. Start using it now. Anytime I have the chance I've recommended ExpressPigeon."

Andy Crestodina

Co-Founder / Strategic Director of Orbit Media Studios, Speaker, Author

"The management of the emails is super simple. It's very flexible and you can do a lot with few skills and headaches. The ExpressPigeon service is great. Not all email marketing platforms can offer it at this level. There's also continual improvement. It's an easy one to recommend to clients who don't have design skills."

Joe Abraham

Founder, BOSI & Author, Entrepreneurial DNA

"The system thinks like a marketer/designer does. When I want an image somewhere, I just drag and drop it there. When I want to change the dimensions of a column, I just click and drag. No goofy coding and no "fixed" parameters. I can be free to create as much as I want - and deliver content to my users in a way that works for me. I've paid for the "big guy" systems at $20-$1,000 per month - and for email newsletter delivery, nothing comes close in features and value to ExpressPigeon."

Tuan Pham-Barnes

Senior Vice President of Engineering at HighGround, Inc.

"Templates are easy to create and can be designed by our creative team, independently, to then be consumed by our developers. The transactional API is very easy to use and integrate well with our service. For start-up companies that plan on an email marketing campaign or sending transactional email, this seems to be a no-brainer when it comes to choosing ExpressPigeon as your email backbone."

Zachary Cooper

Head of Operations, SimpleRelevance

"As a marketing intelligence platform, we work with a lot of different email service providers. We use about 15 on a daily basis and none are better than ExpressPigeon. The user interface is the best, hands down. The backend functionality does exactly what the documentation says (which is great too!). Further, he's adding some great functionality that really sets them apart even further. I would strongly recommend EP for your ESP needs. We help companies send highly targeted personalized email on the individual level. ExpressPigeon is the only platform that allows us to do this at every level. With them we can send the email at the right time of day, with the right subject line, with the right content for EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER."

Kyle Wilson

Marketing / Engagement Lead at Pragma-IT

"A/B Subject testing, the overall superb ease-of-use of the e-mail builder, unlimited sending, and so much more. The customer support is better than the support you'll receive anywhere, let alone the ESP space. It's better than MailChimp, Benchmark, iContact - all ones I have used before. I would tell you that this is a phenomenal tool with even better service. They're absolutely incredible. Give it a shot!"

Kristy Wenz

Marketing Manager, MB Real Estate

"ExpressPigeon is easy to use. You don't have to be a graphic designer to create successful email campaigns. It's cost-effective and easy to use. If you have any trouble, the customer service is unmatched. When I ask a question, I have a thorough answer. When compared to other email marketing service providers, this is remarkable. We are now able to better schedule and track e-flyers and campaigns which are sent. It helps us to better analyze the results and plan for improvements to our Marketing."

Jason Stulberg

CPO at Fooda, Inc

"ExpressPigeon is a great email service - everything you'd expect from a business-critical service. It's reliable, consistent and easy to use. The best feature is the support from the EP team. Another benefit is consistent product upgrades, which is again unique in the email service industry."